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    Broom Parking Sign

    It’s raining here. Again. Or should I say still. Today was the day to decorate my Halloween front porch, however since it’s so wet I thought my time would be better spent in the craft room. No, I’m not building an arc, although I should probably consider it. Today I’m painting a Broom Parking sign. I had this crazy idea that all of the witches here at the castle might need a designated spot to park their brooms.  Who wants to be constantly be tripping over that mess, right?

  • partio rules
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    Partio Rules

    Last week I shared a few things that we added to our shade patio. If you missed it, you can see those here. After we added the hanging baskets to the shed, it looked a little bare. It definitely need a little something to fill in the blank space on the wall. What better than to post the partio rules! Yes, you read that right. Instead of a patio, we have a partio! What is a partio? It’s basically a patio, but you have so much more fun on a partio. My BFF Roxanne and I decided many years ago that we no longer had mere patios. Too proper for us…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #6 Christmas Kitchen Sign

    Woo Hoo! We are up to our DIY Christmas Friday #6! I think that my Christmas/Kitchen sign is probably one of my favorite projects that I am sharing with you. It all started when I was going to make a wooden” Kitchen” sign for my sister’s new house. With the Holidays approaching I also thought I would make her a Christmas sign too. But, why make two when I could just make the sign reversible?  No storage for the unused sign and easy to switch out! I started by going to my local hardware store and purchasing a 1 X 8 X 8.  Eight feet was a little too long…