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    My New Rug In The Living Room

    It recently occurred to me that I haven’t shared my new rug in the living room with you. October is next week! I have been slowly pulling out my Halloween decor. During my frantic search for my elusive Halloween fireplace banner, it occurred to me that sharing it with you was now or never thing!

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    Entry Hall Update

      Okay… if you are paying attention to the pics above your probably thinking “What?  That is not her entry!”.  You  would be right.  I will get to that in a minute, but before that I just want to say that I was wrong. Yup.  I. WAS. WRONG!  This past week I posted about my master bedroom dresser update.  If you read that then you already know how I put a zillion nail holes in my wall trying out new art work for above my dresser.  I finally decided that the entry hall art that I had updated would be better in my bedroom.  I was happy.  At least I…