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    New Lamp in the Bathroom

    I have a new lamp in the bathroom.  I know, not where you would normally put one, but I love this look. Plus, they make great night lights for company! I’ve been looking for a new one for awhile for one of the guest bathrooms. But let’s face it, it hasn’t been at the top of my list. This was the old lamp. It had definitely see better days. The shade was wrinkled. It was too tall. What was I thinking when I put on that trim? I found the cutest lamps at Hobby Lobby in the sale isle. It was perfect. Except the shade had dark marks all over…

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    Swing Arm Lamp 2.0

    Last week I was writing about my new swing arm lamps and realized that it was one of those posts that goes on and on. It really needed to be a part 1/part 2 kind of post. So, here is the part 2, swing arm lamp 2.0. If you missed how we put the swing arm lamps together, you can see how we put them together here. When last I left you, the swing arm lamps of my dreams had been installed and were ready to use.  They were beautiful and almost perfect. However, I felt like the lamp shades were a little plain.

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    Swing Arm Lamp

    I think that the first time I ever saw a swing arm lamp, it was in a movie. I’m not sure which movie, as my mom loved movies and it was a rare weekend that we didn’t go to the drive-in or the movie theater when we were younger. We saw A LOT of movies.  I have drooled over swing arms lamps ever since. When it came time to decide on the guest room design, a swing arm lamp never even crossed my mind.

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    Turquoise Lamp

    Y’all know I live in “manland” here at the castle. Well, except for Sadie the black lab and Firehydrant the cat, but I don’t think they care about the decor. For the most part I try to keep a balance on my decorating style, not too manly and not too girly – it keeps everyone happy. Awhile back I redecorated the game room and I recently added  a cute turquoise lamp to it that I can’t wait to share with you! When I redecorated I used a lot of my existing accessories, including a lamp I already had. The first lamp I used was a candlestick lamp on the bar… but…