• blue lamp in the living room
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    Blue Lamps in the Living Room

    With all of the changes I’ve made this spring in our living room, it quickly became apparently that our old lamps just didn’t work anymore. I looked to buy new ones. I shopped The Castle ( home) for old ones.…

  • New Lamp in the Bathroom
    home decor

    New Lamp in the Bathroom

    I have a new lamp in the bathroom.  I know, not where you would normally put one, but I love this look. Plus, they make great night lights for company! I’ve been looking for a new one for awhile for…

  • home decor,  lamps

    Swing Arm Lamp 2.0

    Last week I was writing about my new swing arm lamps and realized that it was one of those posts that goes on and on. It really needed to be a part 1/part 2 kind of post. So, here is…

  • home decor,  lamps

    Swing Arm Lamp

    I think that the first time I ever saw a swing arm lamp, it was in a movie. I’m not sure which movie, as my mom loved movies and it was a rare weekend that we didn’t go to the…

  • home decor,  kids furniture,  lamps

    Avengers Lamp

    My niece sent me a photo of an Avengers lamp and asked if I could make one like it for her son Hunter.   I love Marvel comics! I read all of the comics along with my sons when they…

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    Turquoise Lamp

    Y’all know I live in “manland” here at the castle. Well, except for Sadie the black lab and Firehydrant the cat, but I don’t think they care about the decor. For the most part I try to keep a balance…