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    My Trip To IKEA

    When my son recently asked if I would make a trip to IKEA with him, of course I said yes! Who could turn down the opportunity to spend time with their son and shop at the same time? Not me.  How did my trip to IKEA turn out? Pretty well, if I do say so myself! I bought a towel bar, a paper dispenser, cutting boards, and a door mat. Needless to say I could have bought so much more!

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    New Double Ovens

    I have wanted new double ovens here at the castle for a very long time. They just weren’t very high on my priority list considering how expensive they were. Then The Hubs hosted his family’s July barbecue get together and everything changed.  We broke the oven door. It is never dull when the Lagaly family shows up! Spoiler Alert!  This is one long post, so sit back, grab something to drink and let me share my tale with you.

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    Kitchen Un-update – Part 2

    I told you I would be sharing my new and improved, updated kitchen area today.  NOT.  Sigh… Everything went so well. Chairs were painted, waxed, upholstered and had new upholstery tacks applied. The table skirt and base were painted and waxed.  The table top was even re-stained, which was an amazing feat considering that it has been cold, damp or raining all weekend.  Sunday morning had me up and putting a few finishing touches to  everything – then my favorite time – putting it all together!  That’s were it all went wrong. Right out of the gate I realized that it wasn’t going to work.  The long awaited for rug…