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    Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

    I can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner!  With that in mind, I’m trying to stay ahead of the game by getting as many of the little things done as possible. Although, I’m pretty sure I’ll forget something! While at my grocery store today, I found some really cute items that would not only be great gifts, but wonderful hostess gifts for the holidays! So I thought that I would share them with you. Some of the items are a little more expensive, like these reindeer, however most are so reasonable priced you’ll be tempted to buy quite a few of them to gift to your favorite people.

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    4th of July

    How To Deal With A Holiday Hangover

    I hope that you had a wonderful  4th of July weekend. We sure did!  We started the Friday before the 4th and celebrated all weekend into the week. Now that it is all over, I’m learning how to deal with a holiday hangover. No! Not that kind of hangover. More the I’ve worn myself plumb smooth,gained ten pounds, had so much fun kind. I’m certainly not complaining though. I would do it again in a heartbeat! So what did we do? Quite a lot!

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! I’m a little last posting today. It’s cold and wet outside. As I write this, I’m sitting by the Christmas tree in my comfy clothes, there is a fire in the fireplace and hot tea at my elbow. What more could a girl ask for? Normally, three days before Christmas I would be in a mad rush buying last minute gifts, baking, and wrapping presents. You know the drill. Actually, I have to admit that, for the first time in as long as I can remember – which admittedly isn’t all that long – I’m ready for Christmas!

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    DIY Christmas Friday #3

      It’s DIY Christmas Friday #3! You know where every Friday before Christmas we share a craft that is so easy even a monkey can do it? I’ve been decorating for Christmas like a mad woman here at the castle. When it came to putting up the stockings it occurred to me that our stockings were in pretty fair shape, but the fur babies stockings were pathetic. I’m talking toes up peeps! It was time for some new pet Christmas stockings!     There are a ton of cute pet stockings out there, but if I ordered on-line I’d have to wait forever to get them. Anything I could find…

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    Halloween Decor

    Woo Hoo! It’s time to get out my Halloween decor and get this party started!  We are Halloween freaks at my house. We love it all. The decor, the costumes and the candy. Sometimes  I think we spend more time decorating for Halloween than we do for Christmas. Almost. What self respecting witch doesn’t have a spell book? This one asks you if you want some candy? Looks like this witch may have had a little too much candy! Of course we have bats in our belfry! It is a little wicked here too… This year I cut back on the mantle decor – even Sadie loves it. My Husband…

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    Easter Table Centerpiece

    Woo Hoo! It is the First Day of Spring. Finally! Take that you crazy groundhog! Also, Happy Birthday to me! Yup, I am a true spring chick. I love this time of year. For me, my birthday starts it all off. Warmer weather, Easter, flowers blooming, baseball. Hey, it’s almost flip flop weather y’all! While I love being outside and working in my yard this time of year, I also try and bring some of that color and spring feeling into the house. One way to do that is with a spring/Easter table centerpiece. Here is what you are gonna need… A little fluff. You know the “filler”. I like…

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    Let Them Eat King Cake

    Happy Mardi Gras! Yay!!!! I am so ready to eat King Cake! The bakery here at the castle has been hoppin’. It takes all day for me to make King Cake, cuz you know I can’t just make one. One for each of my princes, one for the castle and one for the Hubs to take to work.  Lot’s of work, but so worth it! As I told you all in my last post, Mardi Gras is the celebration of the coming of the Magi (wisemen) 12 days after Christmas, bearing gifts for the Christ Child. Mardi Gras is always on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which is…

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    Happy Mardi Gras

    Happy Mardi Gras y’all!  I thank God for good friends.  In a former life my Hubs was a banker at a savings and loan. He was sent to Georgia for a banking conference and was fortunate enough to meet one of the best friends of his life, Dennis. Dennis was from the Gulf coast area and was more than happy to share his life and traditions with us. Before Dennis, I – like many others – thought Mardi Gras was a New Orleans, Bourbon Street thing. It is for some, but simply put, for a large majority it is the celebration of the three Wisemen finding the baby Jesus. Now…