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    Things To Do For the Holidays Now

    I know that we haven’t even celebrated Halloween, but the big holidays are just around the corner. Yikes! If you are like me, I like to plan ahead of time so that my holidays are a little less stressful. Today I’m sharing a few things to do  for the holidays now. You know, things that will leave you feeling a little more like wonder woman and a little less stressed out!

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    Christmas in the Kitchen

    Welcome to Day 3 of the Cozy at Christmas Holiday Tour 2017.  Thanks to Katie at Let’s Add Sprinkles for hosting. I am so honored to be included this year! Once you’ve finished here, I hope that you’ll take a few more minutes and visit the rest of my friends on the tour! Decorating for Christmas in the kitchen is always one of my favorite things to do. It’s where my family and I spend a lot of time, so what better place to have a little decorating fun?

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    Christmas in the Family Room

    Christmas in the family room is pretty traditional here at the castle.  Well, there may be a bit of whimsy here and there just for a little fun! The elves have been busy flinging tinsel, wrapping presents and decorating. So come on in for a peek. My favorite thing in the family room is the Christmas tree. I love to light a fire at night and sit by the tree reading a book.

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    The Queen’s Christmas

    The Queen’s Christmas is always one of my favorite celebrations. This year was certainly no different! Every year eight of us get together and celebrate the Christmas season. Normally, we would get together, eat, play few games and open gifts from each other. We always have a wonderful time, but over the years it seemed like we needed a change. So this year, instead of eat, play and gift, we decided to change things up a bit!

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    A Plaid Christmas

    I am in love with plaid this year. Have you seen all of the beautiful plaid ribbons, papers, and decorations? If I hadn’t bought my ribbon on sale after Christmas last year, this would definitely be a plaid Christmas here at the castle. While I love my current decor, I’m just a tiny bit bummed I don’t have a plaid Christmas everywhere. However, if I can’t have a plaid Christmas everywhere, at least I can have one in the dining room!

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    Christmas Vignettes and Other Stuff

    Due to my knee surgery, I’m a lot slower in getting my Christmas decorating done. I’ve gotten a few Christmas vignettes and other stuff done, but not one room is completely finished. I think I need a few elves decorate here at the castle! I’m getting really close to getting all of my decorating done though. So, today, I thought that I would give you a few peeks at the Christmas decor that I do have done.

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    Fall Pillows

    I just want to say right up front, that I love my new FALL pillows even if they may look a little like a Halloween pillows. I like to change out my throw pillows every so often.  Don’t you? Pillows on the sofa are like jewelry on a beautiful black dress. They help usher in seasons, holidays and celebrations at my house.

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    Christmas in the Living Room

    I’ve been sharing my Christmas home tour with you. I’ve already shared my kitchen with you and if you missed it you can see it here. Today it’s Christmas in the Living Room! My tree is very traditional with lots of reds and greens.  It is NOT a pretty, perfect tree by any means. Every year I have let my boys choose an ornament that reflects what they have been doing that year. We have Nightmare before Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spiderman, puppies, and lot’s of Queenly ornaments just to name a few. I don’t even have a regular skirt under my tree. It is a big piece…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #5 Christmas Charger

    Ok…Somehow I posted my DIY Christmas Friday #6 before #5. How does that happen? It couldn’t be that I’m losing my mind??? Anyway, just pretend that #6 was #5 and we will be good to go!  I shared my Christmas Dining room with you and I promised you I’d show you how to make these Christmas chargers. Since it is DIY Christmas Friday #5 it is the perfect time to show you how to make a Christmas charger! A quick visit to the local Dollar Tree to purchase these gold chargers. Then a quick couple of coats of flat black spray paint. Yes, the irony is not lost on me…

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    Christmas in the Kitchen

    Time to share my Christmas home tour with you! I have already shared my dining room with you, if you missed it be sure to check it out here. I am gonna start with Christmas in the Kitchen because we all know that no matter how big – or small – your house is, that is where everyone ends up at gatherings. At least at my house anyway! I keep the table pretty simple in the kitchen. This is where we eat daily and  I’m lazy! If  the decorating can’t look good AND be cleaned up fairly fast it’s just not gonna happen!  Like they say “ain’t nobody got time for that!”.…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #4

    Happy Black Friday to you! It’s DIY Christmas Friday #4, where I share a project with you that is super easy. I used to say it was so easy a monkey can do it, but apparently monkey lovers everywhere were offended! Crack. Me. UP!  Today’s project is a Pottery Barn hack on their Jingle pillow. I made my pillow out of drop cloth material, but the beauty of this project is that you can buy any pillow cover pre-made instead of making one. Using your computer, find a font that you like and print it off the size that best fits your pillow. Once I printed it off, I flipped…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #2 Hand Painted Ornament

    Hey, Hey! You ready to get your jingle on? Well it’s DIY Christmas Friday #2. Every Friday from now until Christmas I will be sharing a DIY item that even a monkey could make. No offense to monkeys everywhere. I am so excited to share with you how to do a metal hand painted ornament. You know me, I stalk Michael’s and Hob Lob. So on a recent “M” adventure I found a whole area devoted to metal ornaments. They come in a ton of sizes and shapes. I snapped up this large metal ornament, regularly $7.99 – less my 40% off coupon, of course. I wanted the metal to…

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    My Fall Table

    My fall table is probably one of my favorites that I have decorated of all time. Really. Well, maybe I say that every year, but I really mean it this time! It has everything that I love.  A little color, a little whimsy, fresh flowers or plants and most importantly, it makes me happy. In the past few months I’ve been drawn more and more to go more natural with less fuss. For you minimalists  out there you are looking at this table thinking: “That’s minimal?” Well, it is for me. Hey! You can see the table top can’t you? Instead of fresh flowers I used kale, or as my Granny used…

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    My Pumpkin Patch is Growing

    I am addicted! Yeah, I have crossed over into land of crazy! My pumpkin patch is growing.  I can’t stop making them. Black ones, white ones, turquoise ones… I make them for me, I make them for my friends,and I make them for my relatives. About the time I think I am done, I realize that I haven’t made one for my great Aunt Eunice. Wait! Do I even have a great Aunt Eunice? Thank goodness Michael’s pumpkins are no longer 60% off. They have gone down to a mere 50% off this week. And let me be the first to tell you that it has not slowed my pumpkin…

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    It’s Pumpkin Time!

    I was at my neighbors recently and her kitchen was full of the cutest pumpkins you have ever seen.  It was such a great reminder that it’s pumpkin time! My friend is a principal at a local private school and want to give her teachers a bit of fall decor to put in their classrooms. After a visit to Michael’s, I think she came up with the perfect idea to make gifts for her teachers.  Monogramed pumpkins! Didn’t she do a great job? They were so cute, I asked her if she minded if shared them with you and would she mind if  I made one for myself? First thing…

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    Easter Table Centerpiece

    Woo Hoo! It is the First Day of Spring. Finally! Take that you crazy groundhog! Also, Happy Birthday to me! Yup, I am a true spring chick. I love this time of year. For me, my birthday starts it all off. Warmer weather, Easter, flowers blooming, baseball. Hey, it’s almost flip flop weather y’all! While I love being outside and working in my yard this time of year, I also try and bring some of that color and spring feeling into the house. One way to do that is with a spring/Easter table centerpiece. Here is what you are gonna need… A little fluff. You know the “filler”. I like…

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    Christmas Home Tour – Part 2

        Welcome back for my Christmas home tour part 2! In my last post I showed you my kitchen and eat in dining area. Today we are gonna hit the rest of the Castle! I shared my tree with you in an earlier post this past month.  We bought a new one this year. Our old one had to go. I was literally tying up the branches with fishing line.  The Hubs went to put it away for me last year and made a detour to the trash instead of the attic!  The old tree was HUGE! Not just in height but in width at the bottom.  I was…

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    Christmas Home Tour – Part 1

    WARNING!!! If you are expecting a home tour of the perfect model home filled with fresh greenery, perfectly matching decor that looks like it came out of a magazine – this ain’t it! Some days I wish it were.  We are allergic to fresh greenery and we actually LIVE here with a psycho cat and a big lab. Not to mention that I just wasn’t in the mood to have every surface available decorated this year. Hey!  It is my circus and it is my monkeys!  I have to keep reminding myself that it can’t be perfect all of the time!  This is my Christmas home tour!   I was…

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    The Storytelling Christmas Tree

      I love a pretty Christmas tree. I love one that is sentimental more.  Over the years I have tried to combine the pretty with the meaningful and I think I do okay with that.  Since my boys were old enough to choose, I let them pick out an ornament each year. Some years it was REALLY hard to pay for the ornaments that they chose. This green octopus thing? For reals? Now I look at those ornaments every year and smile.  Each of them hold memories. I guess you could say we have a storytelling Christmas tree!   Batman is my youngest sons all time favorite, followed closely by…