• brooms and bats on the front porch
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    Bats and Brooms On The Front Porch

    I’ve got bats and brooms on the front porch! Well, I’ve got a few other things too. Like pumpkins, cats and spooky lights! I always love decorating for Halloween. It’s such a fun time of the year. For the first time, in a long time, I changed up the front porch decor. Come on in and see!

  • How to make a witch's broom
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    How To Make A Witch’s Broom

    Last week I made the cutest broom parking sign. However, it’s been raining too much to even think of putting it out, until today. With a brief window of time before the next round of rain, I knew it was time to put out this sweet sign. Now that the broom parking sign is hung, all that is missing are a few witch’s brooms to park! Today I’m sharing how to make a witch’s broom. Much to my surprise, making a witch’s broom was super easy and a lot of fun!

  • Broom Parking sign
    Halloween decor

    Broom Parking Sign

    It’s raining here. Again. Or should I say still. Today was the day to decorate my Halloween front porch, however since it’s so wet I thought my time would be better spent in the craft room. No, I’m not building an arc, although I should probably consider it. Today I’m painting a Broom Parking sign. I had this crazy idea that all of the witches here at the castle might need a designated spot to park their brooms.  Who wants to be constantly be tripping over that mess, right?

  • Easy halloween Place Card
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    Easy Halloween Place Cards

    A few weeks ago, I shared my Halloween Table with you.  I’m always on the look out for fun, inexpensive ways to present my place cards. This year, I found what I think are some really fun and easy Halloween Place cards. They light up and are super easy to make! Oh, and did I mention that it’s also Ten on the 10th? If you are new here, that’s where Ten fun bloggers share fun ideas, under $10.00 on the 10th of the month!

  • it's been a bad week
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    It’s Been A Bad Week

    It’s been a bad week here at the castle.  After a fun filled weekend in Oklahoma, I came home with a bug. The only thing I’ve gotten done is the beginnings of getting the partio spruced up for fall! In all fairness, I started a lot of projects, but none are finished.

  • witchy halloween dining table
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    Witchy Halloween Dining Table

    When you enter the castle, one of the first things that you see is the dining room. It’s also one of the first places that I start decorating for holidays. Since it’s October, it’s time to set my Halloween table. This year’s theme is a witchy Halloween dining table. There are some constants on my Halloween dining table. The first being a witches hat. Each year I pull out my witch’s hat and give it new ribbons and decor.

  • halloween tin
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    Cute not Creepy

    I can’t believe that October is just around the corner. I feel like I just got my pumpkins out and cooler temperatures have barely begun. A few days ago, I pulled out the Halloween decor and started planning where it all would go. All was well, until I got to the kitchen. My pretty little buffalo plaid and orange striped pumpkins make me so happy that the thought of putting them away made me sad. So, I began planning how to keep them. Why couldn’t my kitchen Halloween decor be more fall, less Halloween. Cute not creepy! Don’t worry, I’ll still keep it a wee bit wicked! Here at the…

  • Halloween Mantle
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    Halloween Mantle

    It’s officially fall. Finally! I’ve been waiting awhile for it. Here at the castle, we start off with a small amount of fall decor, swing into October with an overload of Halloween, and finally settle in for  a more traditional fall decor for Thanksgiving. Since it’s almost October, I guess it’s time to rip off the band-aid and start the Halloween extravaganza. I’m starting with a simple Halloween Mantle. Over the years, I’ve gone from a heavily decorated mantle to a more simple understated one. I’ve come to believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune or put everything in the Halloween closet on the mantle!  This philosophy could…

  • T-shirt

    The Queen of Halloween

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am the Queen of Halloween! Not the gory, ugly, super scary kind of Halloween. I’m more of the cute decor, let’s dress up and eat candy type of gal. I’m all about the fun!   I can’t help myself. You bust out the candy corn and I am there and I don’t even like sweets. Halloween is a mere one week away, so we have been busy bees here at the castle getting ready for it!

  • Halloween decor

    Trick or Treat at the Castle

    I love trick or treat at the castle! It has always been one of my family’s favorite holidays. It is hard to believe that October is almost over! So today, I am sharing my Halloween decor with you  one last time before it’s time to pack it up and get my Thanksgiving decor done.

  • Halloween

    Halloween Treat Bags

    I LOVE Halloween treat bags! Don’t you? I mean, what’s not to love? It’s the thrill of the unknown for me. Is there candy? Maybe a few treats? Or maybe even a trick or two hidden inside?  The Hub’s family was coming to the castle to have some Halloween fun, so I figured this was the perfect time to make a few Halloween Treat bags for all of our Littles!

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    Halloween in the Dining Room

    After sharing my chalkboard ghosts with you, I couldn’t wait to show you Halloween in the dining room. We love Halloween here at the castle so we decorate the house in a huge way. This year is no exception! My dining room is the first room you see as you enter my home, so it its the perfect place to make a big statement.

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    Halloween Mantle

    For the first time in many years I changed the decor of my Halloween mantle. I think it is safe to say that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at the castle. We love to decorate, make our own costumes, trick or treat, and host Halloween parties! Over time, our taste in decor has changed. A lot!

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    How To Make A Glowing Witch’s Hat

    Today I want to show you my quest on how to make a glowing witch’s hat! I say quest because it’s taken me three a few tries to get it right! I first saw how to make a glowing witch’s hat on Pinterest.  Those witches hats were so darn cute, I knew that I was going to try and make one.

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    Halloween Mason Jar Glasses

    I was at Joann’s Fabric today picking up some fabric for a HUGE project that I have been working on, when I saw the cutest thing – Jar Jewelry. Have y’all seen them? I was so excited, as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to make some Halloween mason jar glasses! Jar Jewelry is made by Vintologie.  They have decorative jars, lids, labels, and tags- both made of tin and paper. From the moment I saw them I was in love. They are 50% off right now so I bought a few and decided to give them a try. Here’s what you are going to need: Mason…

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    Halloween Decor

    Woo Hoo! It’s time to get out my Halloween decor and get this party started!  We are Halloween freaks at my house. We love it all. The decor, the costumes and the candy. Sometimes  I think we spend more time decorating for Halloween than we do for Christmas. Almost. What self respecting witch doesn’t have a spell book? This one asks you if you want some candy? Looks like this witch may have had a little too much candy! Of course we have bats in our belfry! It is a little wicked here too… This year I cut back on the mantle decor – even Sadie loves it. My Husband…

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    My Pumpkin Patch is Growing

    I am addicted! Yeah, I have crossed over into land of crazy! My pumpkin patch is growing.  I can’t stop making them. Black ones, white ones, turquoise ones… I make them for me, I make them for my friends,and I make them for my relatives. About the time I think I am done, I realize that I haven’t made one for my great Aunt Eunice. Wait! Do I even have a great Aunt Eunice? Thank goodness Michael’s pumpkins are no longer 60% off. They have gone down to a mere 50% off this week. And let me be the first to tell you that it has not slowed my pumpkin…

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    It’s Pumpkin Time!

    I was at my neighbors recently and her kitchen was full of the cutest pumpkins you have ever seen.  It was such a great reminder that it’s pumpkin time! My friend is a principal at a local private school and want to give her teachers a bit of fall decor to put in their classrooms. After a visit to Michael’s, I think she came up with the perfect idea to make gifts for her teachers.  Monogramed pumpkins! Didn’t she do a great job? They were so cute, I asked her if she minded if shared them with you and would she mind if  I made one for myself? First thing…

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    Halloween Decor

      Happy October!  I finally got around to do a little more decorating – very little.  I keep thinking I am not doing any more but then with every little vignette I end up thinking “hmmm…maybe just one more?” Hey, just how I roll these days. I just wanted to share with you my Halloween decor that I have done.     Last post I shared my Halloween Table with you.  I didn’t have any napkins because I just couldn’t find any that I loved.  Well, I still didn’t find any napkins but I did find some bandanas!  Woo Hoo.  Hob Lob had these black and white polka dot and…

  • Halloween decor

    Halloween Tablescape

      Okay… I finally got into the “fall” decorating mood.  I warned you that it might be Halloween decor time before I got there!  I have slowly added things here and there for both fall and Halloween that I will share with you later. Today I want to share my Halloween tablescape.     For me decorating your table is all about the layers.  I didn’t change much from last years table except for a few new touches. 1. Start with a clean empty table.  Add your tablecloth or table runner. I skipped the table cloth and added my new black table runner with white and orange polka dots.  (…