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    Friday Favorites

    Hey all, it’s FRIYAY! I hope that you are surviving this heat. Maybe a fun vacation? Or floating in a pool with a refreshing beverage.  Speaking of beverages, grab your favorite. Find a cool spot and check out my Friday favorites. My first Friday favorite is this super fun summer read. It’s release date is July 17. I laughed. I cried. Sometimes I did both at the same time. Pre-order yours now here.

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    Monogramed Towels

    I love monograms. It’s a new passion of mine. So lucky for me my sister gave me some monogramed towels for my birthday. Even more lucky for me my niece-in-law is the one who monogramed them! Get ready for this: She has a monogram machine!!!! Let the heavenly choir sing! My sister gave me two towels. One you see here, and the other I carry in my tennis bag.  In my monogramed high it occurred to me that these would make the perfect gift. Birthdays, hostess gifts… gifts fit for a Queen. January has three Queenly birthdays so I thought that these monogramed towels, along with some awesome hand soaps, would…

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    Valentine’s Day Gift

    I have a lot of little nieces and nephews that I like to give a little somethin’ to on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Problem is, that as they get older, it gets a little harder to find a gift that isn’t junk, one that I haven’t given before or one that isn’t out of my price range.  I want to give them something that they will actually use and like. Thank goodness for Pinterest – it gave me a ton of ideas for my Valentine’s Day gift! I saw some really sweet gifts created by using your circuit or silhouette machine and EOS – or a similar type- lip balm.…

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    Things I Love

      Every once in awhile you come across something that you love, can’t live without or is just plain fun. Instead of keeping all of these fun things to myself I’ve decided to share them with you my peeps! I do this not because I am the wonderful, sharing person that I am, but because I love you and want you to experience all of the goodness of the things I love! You’re welcome! Every Christmas the Queens exchange gifts. This year my bestie, Rox, and I went together and bought gifts. Rox came up with this super fun gift idea – a Fragrant Jewels Candle.  (not getting paid to…

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    Pretty Little Boxes

    At some point someone in my family ordered a couple thousand  dozen cigar boxes. I’m not sure why or what they planned to use them for but we still have them. LOTS  of them! Talk about a hot mess… After about a year of them being in the Hubs office in a great big box, I decided they weren’t doing anyone any good and something had to be done with them. I mean I’ve seriously been dusting a box of boxes! Crazy much? I took three different sizes, got out my paints, scrapbooking paper scraps, and glue and went to work.  After giving each box a coat of paint, I then…