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    Sprucing Up The Porchlette

    Sprucing up the porchlette has been on my to do list for a few weeks now. What, you might ask, is a porchlette? Well, it’s smaller than a porch or a porchette. My friend Cindy at County Road 407 calls…

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    Getting Ready for Summer

    I feel like I blinked and Spring snuck out the backdoor, while Summer is racing in the front! The past month has been crazy. We’ve had a ton of rain, which has made getting the outside ready for Summer a…

  • putting lipstick on the patio

    Putting Lipstick on the Patio

    Morning everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We sure did at the Castle.  Fun, family, and food. We even found ourselves putting lipstick on the patio! Lipstick? Blame my Granny. When anything needed a little…

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    Summer Backyard

    Now that the rains have stopped and the weather has warmed up I’ve been working on my summer backyard. I swear we skipped spring here and have jumped right into summer. I’m not complaining, I’ll take warm weather any day.…

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    Spring at the Castle

    For the first time in awhile, it feels like spring at the castle! I’m so excited. Normally late April would find me in shorts, t-shirts and, if I feel like shoes, a cute pair of flip flops. Unfortunately, this has…

  • New rug on the patio

    New Rug On The Patio

    I have a new rug on the patio! Yay!!!  I am so excited. I know, it’s crazy that something so little, can make my day. Right now I get excited about anything that means I can work outside. Abnormally cool…

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    Creative Planters

    Good morning! Do you know what day it is?  It’s Ten on the 10th. Ten fun bloggers sharing ideas for under $10.00 on the 10th of the month. Today we thought it would be fun to share creative planters with…

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    Just A Few Things

    I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! Normally, the day after Easter has me putting away the bunnies and starting to work in my garden. However, the weather isn’t co-perating. It’s cold! So, today I’m going to share…

  • A little of this a little of that

    A Little of This A little of that

    When I sat down to write the post for today I realized something. I have been working hard here at the Castle, but haven’t finished one large project! I’ve been doing a little of this a little of that. The…

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    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    How does your garden grow? Mine  is a little eclectic. A little unstructured. It’s definitely colorful. I try to make it as much like a ” steel magnolia” as I possible can. More and more it is definitely more native…

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    Updating the Fairy Garden

    Instead of me saying that I’m updating the fairy garden, I should probably say I tried to update the fairy garden! I thought it would be so easy. Buy a few plants, clean out the planter, paint and repair the…

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    A New Pot on the Patio

    I’ve got a new pot on the patio.  My new pot is cute, super trendy and and is not originally intended to be a flower pot. It’s a utensil caddy! This sweet caddy was calling my name, however I already…

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    Sprucing Up the Front Porch

    I love sprucing up the front porch every spring. New flowers, a wreath, and few decorations. It makes the whole house look great. Y’all, I worked all afternoon in hopes that my front porch would be swoon worthy. In retrospect,…

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    Working in the Garden

    I’ve been helping a friend paint her mom’s house this week. However, after work I’ve been working in the garden. The weather has been “perfect” for the plants.  Lots of rain, followed by lots of sun.  It’s one of the…

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    What I Should Be Doing

    I had a plan. I was going to meet my bestie for lunch and see a movie. Afterwards, I was coming home and finish painting my kitchen hutch. However, that is not what happened. On the way home from lunch,…

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    Garden Pole

    I found a garden pole that I fell in love with in Austin, TX. In fact, I found several garden poles that were awesome!  The quality of the artist’s work was outstanding. The poles were beautiful. However, at $200.00 and…

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    Painted Flower Pots

    So my sisters and I had a pot party this past Saturday. As in painted flower pots.  We had a party with my sister and niece to paint our flower pots. We kept calling it a pot party just to…

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    I’d Rather Be Gardening!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to paint.  I like to paint just about anything. This week however, EVERYTHING I have tried to paint has gone south in  a big way.  Peeps, I am ONE BIG HOT MESS!  So in…

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    Bad, Bad BLogger!

    Ok, I admit it!  I have been a bad, bad blogger this weekend!  Sorry no  usual post this morning.  But, I do have a good excuse! Really… Instead of doing my usual painting and decorating, I’ve been working at other…