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    The Week That Was

    This is the story about the week that was. I certainly hope that it’s over anyway! I hate to complain because all of our issues, for the most part, were first world problems. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. I did have quite a few pick me ups to get me over the less than fun parts for sure!

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    How To Make Damask Pumpkins

    I promised that I wouldn’t share any more pumpkins with you this fall. However, I saw some recently and thought “Hey, I could make those”. Then I thought that maybe you would like to make some too.  So today I’m sharing how to make damask pumpkins! These mini pumpkins were super easy to make and are the perfect decoration in my dining room. 

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    Random Fall Decor

    The Queens, my 7 besties, get together and it’s a free for all. Lots of laughing, lots of sharing and lots of talking. Sometimes, one thing leads to another and one of us is compelled to share about something totally unrelated to the current subject. Which is so confusing. We have decided that when this happens we are required to shout “Random” before we introduce that subject. Today I’m shouting Random, because I’m sharing Random fall decor! I shared my fall front porch with you last week. I had originally wanted some white mums for the front porch. However, I couldn’t find them anywhere! Until today.

  • The great pumpkin part 3
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    The Great Pumpkin Part 3

    I shared a sneak peek of todays pumpkin with my sister. She said it was pretty, but wanted to know if I obsessed with pumpkins? I had to laugh. I guess she missed the part about my series of sharing how to make the perfect pumpkin for your house. The Great Pumpkin part 3! So without further ado, let me share my latest pumpkin obsession!

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    Setting an Early Fall Table

    If you’ve followed along with me recently, you know I’m really holding myself back on pulling out the fall pumpkins. However, next week is September. Which for me means busting out the fall decor. So today I want to show you how easy setting an early fall table is. But before the sharing begins, I want to tell you a quick story. One of the best things about blogging is “meeting” new friends. I’ve truly made some of the best of friends, even if I’ve never met them in person.  I love reading their post, comments and the great ideas that I receive from them. One of those peeps for…

  • The Great Pumpkin Part 2
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    The Great Pumpkin Part 2

    Today I’m sharing the great pumpkin part 2 with you. It’s still hot here, but I’m dreaming of cooler weather, fall leaves, football, dragging out the fall decor and making pumpkins. A few weeks ago I decided that my fall decor needed a little sprucing up. So, I thought that making a few new pumpkins and sharing them with you seemed like a lot of fun! Last week I shared with you how to paint a pumpkin. If you missed it you can go here. This week I’m sharing how to glam your pumpkin up! I started with this beautiful velvet teal pumpkin. Pretty on it’s own, however a little…

  • My new favorite artist
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    My New Favorite Artist

    I have had love affair with art my entire life. I love making art, looking at art and I love finding new artists that inspire me. This past week I found my new favorite artist at the grocery store! I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. My new favorite artist is Roxanne Spradlin. Many of you may know and love her work, however she’s new to me.

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    Fall on the Front Porch

    I’m finally finishing up fall on the front porch. I’ve been working on my front entry for awhile, but haven’t quite felt like it was finished. To make it prettier, I would add more pumpkins and flowers.  Done! An hour or so later, I would be removing them because I felt like I had too many pumpkins and flowers. I tell you, some days it isn’t easy living in my head!

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    Pumpkins on the Porch

    I’ve been trying to bring a little fall to the castle. I started on the inside and have moved out to the front entry. I started by adding a few pumpkins on the porch. With the cooler temperatures, fall is definitely in the air!  My front porch is not easy to decorate at all! It is small and very tall. A challenge to say the least.

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    Fall in the Kitchen

    Earlier this week I started pulling out fall decor for the castle.  I started decorating in the dining room and have moved on to fall in the kitchen. Do you ever look around and think you have too much stuff? As I started decorating for fall, I felt like I was on overload. Too much going on!

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    Fall at the Castle

    It is almost September, y’all! Hard to believe that it is time to decorate for fall at the castle. I’m slowly pulling out the fall decor, trying to decide what I want to use. It’s so hard! I really need to stay off of Pinterest. I see something that I really love and immediately want to decorate like that.  Even if it doesn’t match my existing decor. Anyone else have that problem?

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    Fall Centerpiece

    I decided that less is more when it came to my dining room fall centerpiece this year. I usually have a table set with all the bells and whistles. This year when it came time to decorate my fall table, I really longed for something a lot more simple. Clean lines, less clutter, but it still needed to have that wow factor too.

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    Touch of Fall

    I’ve been adding a little touch of fall here at the castle. Just a few things here and there… Small reminders that before long the leaves will be turning and the air will get a little colder. I’m ready for Apple cider, pumpkins on the front porch, lighting a fire in the fireplace and grabbing a warm, fuzzy throw to curl up in with a good book!

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    Fall Front Porch

    My fall front porch is  slowly coming together. It’s still in the 90’s here, so it’s a little hard to shift from summer flowers to autumn leaves.   In fact, until this past weekend, you couldn’t find a mum or pumpkin for sale anywhere. My sister and I hit Walmart over the holiday weekend, I believe I may have burst her eardrum with my great big girl squeal when I saw all of the mums.  We came for folding chairs and left with mums!

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    Fall Pillows

    I just want to say right up front, that I love my new FALL pillows even if they may look a little like a Halloween pillows. I like to change out my throw pillows every so often.  Don’t you? Pillows on the sofa are like jewelry on a beautiful black dress. They help usher in seasons, holidays and celebrations at my house.

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    The Cutest Fall Throw

    I bought the cutest fall throw, maybe ever!  I know, you are rolling your eyes right now because it’s still so hot outside, right?  Well, me too! I am so conflicted about fall decorating right now. On one hand, I am so ready to break out the fall decor.  My summer stuff seems to be hot, tired and slightly wilted. Or Maybe that’s just me? On the other hand, I can’t believe I am even thinking about cuddling up in a throw blanket even if it is the cutest fall throw ever. As I write this I am sweating glowing like a true southern belle!

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    Fall Mantle

    I can’t believe that Halloween is over! Before you know it we will be getting our Christmas jingle on!  I packed all of the spooky and scary up, left the pumpkins out and started on my Thanksgiving decor.  The first place I started? My fall mantle. After putting away my Halloween decor and giving the mantle a good cleaning, I was left with my mantle basics – a long box and three candlesticks. I’ve tried different things on the mantle, but I always go back to these. The mantle is not very wide so I am limited as to what I can put up there. I add fall flowers, feathers,…

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    Fall Front Porch

    I dream of a big front porch. One that is big enough to have on outdoor living area. Unfortunately, here at the castle, we have a very small front porch. It’s hard to decorate. So when it came time for a fall front porch, well – was a challenge for sure!   I found this really great planter with awesome grasses and mums at our local Wal Mart. You have to remember it is still 90 degrees here in Texas. We are really limited in our plant choices for fall until around Thanksgiving.  I added my light up Candy sign and I am ready for fall and Halloween! I really…

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    Make Your Own Napkin Rings

    It’s time to decorate the kitchen table for fall. I’ve been putting it off because I had such a hard time with the formal dining room. Or maybe I am just waiting till it’s time to decorate for Halloween. It couldn’t possibly be because I am lazy. Right? I know..such a third world problem! I think that I am on overload with “stuff”. I am ready to simplify, but let’s face it that word isn’t usually in my vocabulary. I wanted something different from what I have used in the past, I just couldn’t find it. So I decided to make the things I couldn’t find that I wanted to…

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    Fall Table

    A few weeks ago I shared with you some of my fall decor, all except my dining room table. I gave you hints, but the dining room had so many pictures that I felt like it needed it’s own post to do it justice. Funny thing though, the longer I lived with it the more I took things off of the table. It just felt wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I decided to start over! I finally came up with a fall table that I could live with! This is the table before. Parts of it were to fussy. Parts were to plain. I just didn’t…

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    My Pumpkin Patch is Growing

    I am addicted! Yeah, I have crossed over into land of crazy! My pumpkin patch is growing.  I can’t stop making them. Black ones, white ones, turquoise ones… I make them for me, I make them for my friends,and I make them for my relatives. About the time I think I am done, I realize that I haven’t made one for my great Aunt Eunice. Wait! Do I even have a great Aunt Eunice? Thank goodness Michael’s pumpkins are no longer 60% off. They have gone down to a mere 50% off this week. And let me be the first to tell you that it has not slowed my pumpkin…

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    “Un-Fall” Decorating

    Okay… I admit that I have been dragging my feet on getting all of the fall decor out. I live in Texas. It is still hot. For the most part we don’t even have a true fall season. We just jump right on into winter.   I have started my fall decorating – but I keep changing my mind! I am about to start calling it my “un-fall” decorating. So not me. I like a plan. I like having it all mapped out in my mind, leaving room for little tweaks. Just. Not. Happening. I started my chairs decor with this….ummm no! It reminded me of those babies that have…

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    Thanksgiving Table

      I can’t believe that Halloween has past and we are on the down hill slide to Thanksgiving!  I spent my weekend putting away Halloween decor and bringing out the Fall decor – again! Oh, OKAY!  I watched a lot little football in there too!  I don’t do a lot of decorating for Thanksgiving because we usually always go to my Dad’s house for the holiday.  I usually have my tree up before we leave for Dad’s house so that I can do last minute shopping the weekend after AND focus on the rest of the indoor decor while the Hubs does the outdoor lighting.  It can take days. One thing…

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    Halloween Decor

      Happy October!  I finally got around to do a little more decorating – very little.  I keep thinking I am not doing any more but then with every little vignette I end up thinking “hmmm…maybe just one more?” Hey, just how I roll these days. I just wanted to share with you my Halloween decor that I have done.     Last post I shared my Halloween Table with you.  I didn’t have any napkins because I just couldn’t find any that I loved.  Well, I still didn’t find any napkins but I did find some bandanas!  Woo Hoo.  Hob Lob had these black and white polka dot and…