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    Easter in the Kitchen

    I have been so busy painting that Easter in the kitchen is going to be low key this year. At least the decor part anyway! I shared my white painted hutch, chalkboard and partially finished small cabinet with you last week. While I am so thankful that these projects are finished, I am still running behind on just about everything else. I decided to give myself a break. What gets done, gets done. If it doesn’t, oh well!

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    Bubble Wands For Easter

    <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12269663/?claim=x3xchgpmuza”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I’m giving Bubble Wands for Easter to all my littles! I was recently at a link Party surfing around and found the cutest enchanted bubble wands. I had to make some. Not gonna lie, if you want a tutorial that is creative and fun keep reading. However, if you want an EXACT and informative one Rena Klingenberg at Jewelry Making Journal.com has a fantastic tutorial.   I am gonna warn you right up front, this post is a little long and has a ton of pictures. So get a drink, settle in and enjoy! Supply List 16 or 18 gauge wire – 9″ long for a…

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    My Kitchen Easter Table

    The past few weeks have been CRAZY y’all! After a fun weekend with my sister, things have hopefully settled back into what I consider “normal” and I can get back to the business of sharing fun things with you. Today I am going to share my kitchen Easter table with you! I would tell you that I go a little more “simple’ when decorating the kitchen easter table, but the last time I did a sweet blogger told me, in a really sweet way, that my simple was different from her simple. That made me smile. I guess it’s all relative. To me it is simple. And easy. If it…