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    Black, White and Red Christmas Kitchen

    The elves have been busy decorating here at the castle. Of course, they always start in the heart of the home, the kitchen. This years theme is simple, less fuss and not as over the top as in years past. It’s a black, white and red Christmas kitchen! I don’t buy all new stuff from year to year, instead I like to mix and match a few new things with old things from years past. Don’t get me wrong. It’s tempting, however every time I consider it I hear my sweet Granny’s sarcastic voice saying “Well, aren’t we Miss Aster!” For those of you that are younger than dirt, that…

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    Christmas in the Kitchen

    Time to share my Christmas home tour with you! I have already shared my dining room with you, if you missed it be sure to check it out here. I am gonna start with Christmas in the Kitchen because we all know that no matter how big – or small – your house is, that is where everyone ends up at gatherings. At least at my house anyway! I keep the table pretty simple in the kitchen. This is where we eat daily and  I’m lazy! If  the decorating can’t look good AND be cleaned up fairly fast it’s just not gonna happen!  Like they say “ain’t nobody got time for that!”.…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #6 Christmas Kitchen Sign

    Woo Hoo! We are up to our DIY Christmas Friday #6! I think that my Christmas/Kitchen sign is probably one of my favorite projects that I am sharing with you. It all started when I was going to make a wooden” Kitchen” sign for my sister’s new house. With the Holidays approaching I also thought I would make her a Christmas sign too. But, why make two when I could just make the sign reversible?  No storage for the unused sign and easy to switch out! I started by going to my local hardware store and purchasing a 1 X 8 X 8.  Eight feet was a little too long…

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    Christmas In The Dining Room

       I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As soon as the turkey was polished off, the elves here at the castle got their Christmas decorating on. (There may have been a little shopping going on too…) I have so much to show you that I am going to break it down into several posts for fear of putting you in Christmas decorating overload. What can I say? I love Christmas! I’m starting with Christmas in the dining room. I normally do lots of glam red, white and silver in the dining room, but not this year. I didn’t intend to change it up. It just happened. It all started…

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    Christmas Home Tour – Part 1

    WARNING!!! If you are expecting a home tour of the perfect model home filled with fresh greenery, perfectly matching decor that looks like it came out of a magazine – this ain’t it! Some days I wish it were.  We are allergic to fresh greenery and we actually LIVE here with a psycho cat and a big lab. Not to mention that I just wasn’t in the mood to have every surface available decorated this year. Hey!  It is my circus and it is my monkeys!  I have to keep reminding myself that it can’t be perfect all of the time!  This is my Christmas home tour!   I was…