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    Bring on Thanksgiving

    November is here. Fall is finally in the air here in north Texas. Halloween is in the books. It’s time to bring on Thanksgiving! In my family, growing up, Thanksgiving was our favorite holiday. So much so, that when I married The Hubs, it was decided that my family got first dibs on Thanksgiving and his family got first dibs on Christmas. This year it is our turn to host my family here at the Castle. Yay!

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    Gobble ’til You Wobble

    I know that we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, however in blog land we are always a step ahead of the seasons. With that said, I’ve already started planning my gobble ’til you wobble celebration! I’m so excited! It’s my turn to host my family’s Thanksgiving holiday this year. I know it’s early, but the holiday will be here before I know it, so I’ve already started planning.

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    Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette

    Good morning!  I am so blessed to be joining a wonderful group of bloggers for a week long Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette tour hosted by the ladies of Thoughts of Home on Thursdays. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of all my blessings, my family and of course the food. With all of those elements put together, it only made sense that my stunning Thanksgiving vignette be on my Thanksgiving table!

  • Thanksgiving

    Be Full of Thanks and Giving

    Let our lives be full of thanks and giving. That’s my motto this Thanksgiving season. I know that you are thinking that it’s a little early to be thinking of Thanksgiving, but November is next week y’all!  Thanksgiving is the most overlooked holiday sometimes. We are so busy getting ready for Christmas that we barely take the time to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

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    You Don’t Want to Miss This!

    I know, you don’t normally hear from me on Wednesdays, but I have some news, and girl you don’t want to miss this! The fabulous gals over at Thoughts of Home on Thursday invited me to participate in the TOHOT’s Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette tour! Seriously, If you heard a loud girl squeal, followed by what felt like an earthquake it was me doing my happy dance! Here’s how it works. For one week, Starting Monday, November 7 thru November 11, you will be able to visit 25 of the most super talented gals in blogland and get a sneak peek of their awesome Thanksgiving decor. Each day features five different bloggers, showcasing…

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    Fall Mantle

    I can’t believe that Halloween is over! Before you know it we will be getting our Christmas jingle on!  I packed all of the spooky and scary up, left the pumpkins out and started on my Thanksgiving decor.  The first place I started? My fall mantle. After putting away my Halloween decor and giving the mantle a good cleaning, I was left with my mantle basics – a long box and three candlesticks. I’ve tried different things on the mantle, but I always go back to these. The mantle is not very wide so I am limited as to what I can put up there. I add fall flowers, feathers,…

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    Blue and Brown Thanksgiving Table

    I can’t believe it. I finally found a way to do it – use my blue dining room colors in my Thanksgiving decor. I have a blue and brown Thanksgiving table! I know! It’s not your traditional Thanksgiving table decor. It’s not even your popular decor. But it works in my dining room. Which is HUGE for me. I always loved my Thanksgiving table, but I hated that it looked like I just plopped fall colors in the middle of all of my blue.     I’m not sure when it hit me that I could just incorporate the browns, golds and a touch of orange with my blues and…

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    Thanksgiving Table

      I can’t believe that Halloween has past and we are on the down hill slide to Thanksgiving!  I spent my weekend putting away Halloween decor and bringing out the Fall decor – again! Oh, OKAY!  I watched a lot little football in there too!  I don’t do a lot of decorating for Thanksgiving because we usually always go to my Dad’s house for the holiday.  I usually have my tree up before we leave for Dad’s house so that I can do last minute shopping the weekend after AND focus on the rest of the indoor decor while the Hubs does the outdoor lighting.  It can take days. One thing…