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    Ella’s Table and Chairs

    If I’m totally honest, I love painting children’s rooms and furniture more than anything else. Which means that I love my job during the holiday season, as I get to paint a lot of things children related. This year I got to paint a super fun toy chest and and Ella’s table and chairs. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had painting both pieces! Queen Lally asked if I would paint a table for her granddaughter, Ella. Of course, I wasn’t passing up the opportunity to paint something fun! This set is from Doug and Melissa. It started out a plain light wood that was primed and painted…

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    A Pony For Christmas

    Anybody who’s had children has probably heard “I want a pony for Christmas!”. My great niece, Beep, is in love with ponies. In fact, her Grandparents on her Dad’s side bought her a pony recently. She’s crazy about horses. So when a neighbor of mine was moving and had this horse themed table and chairs for sale I couldn’t resist. ( I thought  I had taken a picture of the before, but no. My bad.)  This table is the quintessential DIY project. The base, or horse part, was originally a cigar ashtray.

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    Painting the Nightstands

    A few weeks ago, I shared that I replaced the quilt on my bed. Which led to me buying a new dust ruffle. Unfortunately, the dust ruffle was a little too short. So, I bought a new bed.  At this point, I am sure that you know where I’m going. Now, none of the furniture matches. Which leads me to painting the nightstands! Now before you think that I’ve totally lost my mind by buying a new bed to fit the dust ruffle, you should know that I have been thinking of replacing my bedroom set since I moved into my house 12 years ago. In fact, I bought a…

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    Grandma Shirley’s Piano

    This is the story of Grandma Shirley’s piano. The story of how it came to be is actually pretty funny considering that  I don’t even play the piano, however almost all the women in my husbands family do! I purchased this piano from a local school that was having a garage sale.  When I purchased it I had another piano sitting in my house and had just sold one that was in my study. So why buy another one? That’s a good question!

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    Trash to Treasure Vanity

    I’m not sure if you know it or not, but I started this blog to promote my furniture restore business four years ago. Over time the blog has morphed into more of a life style blog. However, there are still days /weeks where I’m swamped with furniture makeovers. That’s this week. Today I’m sharing a trash to treasure vanity makeover. A friend texted me asking if I  had seen this vanity in the trash down the street. Nope, I had not. So I hopped into the car and went to do a little dumpster diving. This is what I found!

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    A Magic Table Before and After

    I’ve got a magic table before and after to share with you today!  Why is it a magic table? Because if you pull on it’s legs, it changes sizes.  It took me forever to figure it out. I even called my neighbor who gave it to me to ask how it worked. I kind of felt like I need to take an advanced math class to figure it  out!

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    Changing the Hardware in the Guest Room

    I started redecorating the guest room a year ago. Just about the time I think I’m done  I’ll see something  else that I want to change or add. Another project! Changing the hardware in the guest room was my latest project. Oh, who am I kidding? I am constantly painting, changing, or updating something. My son recently called and asked what I was doing. I told him I was painting the kitchen hutch to match the new kitchen walls. His response? “Of course you are!”

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    Updating the Chalkboard and Small Cabinet

    I’m back with the never ending kitchen facelift. So far we’ve replaced all but one appliance, painted the walls and the kitchen hutch. Once that was done, it was clear that there were a few more things that needed attention.  Like updating the chalkboard and small cabinet that sit next to the back door. This isn’t the best picture, but you can see what the chalkboard and small cabinet looked like before. The chalkboard always seemed a lot little too gold. I never could decide what to do with it that would look good against the yellow walls.  I loved the the small cabinet, and really had no plans to change…

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    Painting the Kitchen Hutch White

    I shared with you yesterday what I should be doing but wasn’t.  I should have been painting the kitchen hutch white instead of playing hooky in the back yard. This is what my kitchen hutch looked like up until a few days ago. I loved  everything about it. I loved the color, the mismatched pulls, and the size. Then I painted the walls. My beautiful hutch no longer matched anything. Unfortunately, it was time to paint it.

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    The Unfinished Vanity

    My sister has had the unfinished vanity in her room for about nine months now. Nine months ago, I left her with an old sewing cabinet and a can of Annie Sloane paint. She assured me that she was going to get the painting done A.S.A.P.! Fast forward nine months and like a lot of us, she got busy and the vanity remained unfinished.

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    Tyler’s Dresser!

    Tyler’s dresser has had many lives here at the castle… I’ve painted this dresser so many times I’m not even sure what the dresser looked like originally anymore.  I think maybe it was white? It was a garage sale find from many years ago. It has had a funky silver faux finish, it has been brown and as you can see black.  It is a smaller dresser so it has been perfect for my son’s apartments all through college. My younger son recently moved into his own loft apartment and thought it was time for some grown up furniture, so Tyler’s dresser came back to me.

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    Children’s Chairs

    Children’s Chairs Before and After Our community had our neighborhood garage sale last weekend. I didn’t have my self together enough to participate and sell all of my nick nick paddy crap that seems to just appear out of thin air around here, but I did have fun doing a little shopping! Even the Hubs decided to tag along.

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    Vintage School Desk before and after

    Remember I told you that I scored big at garage sales lately? Well today I’m going to show you one of my finds. A vintage child’s school desk! I already shared with you a cute wicker table that I found at a school garage sale, if you missed it you can read about it here. Well, I also bought these awesome tiny children’s school desks at the same sale.

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    Outdoor Table

    I hit the jackpot lately with garage sale finds. One of which was the cutest wicker outdoor table that I know my sister’s bungalow needs! My sweet friend Laura called me about a garage sale that her school was having and  I couldn’t get off of the phone fast enough to get down there. The school’s last garage sale  was very, very good to me! I found many cool things including this wicker outdoor table. The minute I saw it I knew my sister needed it!

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    Sofa Table

    We recently decided to give the office a makeover. One thing that had to go was a 50 gallon fish tank that sat on a sofa table that we have had forever. The fish tank went to a good home, but the sofa table stayed and got a face lift! This is what the sofa table looked like before. Really, really dark.  It’s new home was in the living room where all of the furniture that is wood is dark. I have been slowly trying to lighten that room up. New sofa, accent chair, flower arrangement and crazy stool – all lighter. My trim is white so it just made…

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    Turquoise Bench Refresh

    I’ve got a sweet little Turquoise Bench Refresh to share with you today.   Remember the turquoise nightstands that I painted for my sister’s new bedroom? If not, you can see those here. She needed something in her bedroom to sit on that would  match the turquoise nightstands. And it needed to be small, as she only has a tiny spot for it. Remember this bench? ( yep, it’s all about testing your memory today!)  I had it in my entry hall, but honestly we rarely used it, unless you count piling newspapers, purses and packages on it. So being the giving person that I am, I volunteered to give this…

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    Before and After Changing Table

    I’ve got the cutest before and after changing table to share with you! Two days after Christmas a friend in my neighborhood called me to tell me there was a huge mirror in her neighbors trash, did I want to come and get it? So I hopped in my car and raced to the back of the neighborhood. I picked the mirror and was headed home when I saw this changing table on the side of the road. At first glance the drawer was in pieces. The plan was  to just  remove the drawer and paint the changing table. However, once I looked at it, I realized that all it…

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    Vanity Chair Makeover

    This vanity chair makeover was so easy I almost didn’t share it! I’m still occasionally helping my sister Terri decorate her Bungalow and this vanity chair was our latest project. On a recent trip to Oklahoma, my sister and I stopped by an estate sale and picked up a sewing cabinet – which we plan on painting and making into a vanity and this sweet chair to go with it. The vanity will be painted black with gold accents.  The chair was already painted black, so we really could have left it as is. Except it has some major dents and dings! It needed some major sanding and cleaning. Ever…

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    Terri’s Black Bed

    A few months ago my sweet seester Terri sent me photos of a house that she wanted to buy. It was a craftsman bungalow that was so cute! I immediately fell in love with it! We got busy buying, painting and repurposing furniture for her new home. Over the next few months I will be sharing her new home with you. Today we are starting in the Master bedroom. I am so excited to share Terri’s black bed with you. Here’s the first photo she sent to me. I could just see sitting on a porch swing in the summer time on that front porch! Here’s what it looks like…

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    Painted End Table

    I tend to lean toward furniture that has a lot of detail and curves. However, in the past few years I have found a few pieces that I love that are more stream lined. This painted end table is one of them. I found this very dusty, poorly painted mid-century modern end table at a garage sale. Even though it was dusty and painted hot mess, it was very sturdy and I could visually exactly how to give it a little life. I wanted to paint it black – again – and I wanted to give it a high gloss shine. And then I went to Hobby Lobby. Have y’all…

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    Painted Lane Cedar Chest

    Ta da! My first painted piece of the new year! My painted Lane cedar chest. Believe it or not, I bought this cedar chest almost 15 years ago. Most of you know, in  a former life, I was a decorative- or as we used to say – Faux finish painter. My BFF and then business partner Rox and I stopped at an estate sale on a whim and found this Lane cedar chest. It brought back wonderful memories of my Granny’s cedar chest. It was always locked and if you were lucky and got a peek inside you would see wondrous treasures. A coin collection, letters, photos and a dress with…

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    Lego Table

    I am the mother of two adult boys, so I guess you could say I have a soft spot for little boys. I love all the things that go with little boys. The toys, the mess, the pets, the hugs – I even miss the crazy science experiments that I used to find in the refrigerator freezer. ( think swamp monster action figure frozen in red and green water in a cup OR whatever bug they wanted to preserve for another day.)  I never knew what I was going to find. Crazy, I know. When my friend Siana gave me a couple of old end tables I wasn’t sure what…