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    New Outdoor Patio Furniture

    I have new outdoor patio furniture! A week or so ago I shared with you my crazy Walmart adventure about buying patio furniture. If you missed it you can see it here. The short version is that I bought patio furniture and it had multiple parts missing. The Hubs called the furniture makers and they agreed to ship us all the missing parts. Free! It sat just like this on the back patio for a week and a half. Good news. The parts came in on Friday!

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    All I Wanted Was Spray Paint

    I had one goal, just one. All I wanted was spray paint from Walmart. That’s it. In and out. Unfortunately, I decided to go through the garden center. Why? Because it’s less crowded, right? It was less crowded, it also had a HUGE sale on patio furniture. That I didn’t need!!! Y’all know that I can’t pass up a good sale.

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    My Redneck Pool 2017

    Not much has changed with my redneck pool this year and at the same time everything has changed! I bought a new, bigger redneck pool. (The old one bit the dust.)  Which meant making a bigger crop circle pad for it to sit on,  buying new bamboo to go around the pool, and basically updating everything. Recently, I have had two questions asked about my pool. Why didn’t I show a finished picture of it in my last post? And, how do I put up the bamboo? So I’m going to answer both of those today! It’s a LONG post, so grab something to drink and enjoy!

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    Working on the Patio

    The weather has been perfect here in Texas lately, so I’ve been working on the patio. I have been spray painting anything that looks even the slightest bit tired and worn. Sadly, I’m going to be here awhile! Spray painting isn’t the only work on the patio. If a little TLC couldn’t revive anything that looked a little tired and worn, it went into the trash. I have been ruthless!

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    Fall Front Porch

    My fall front porch is  slowly coming together. It’s still in the 90’s here, so it’s a little hard to shift from summer flowers to autumn leaves.   In fact, until this past weekend, you couldn’t find a mum or pumpkin for sale anywhere. My sister and I hit Walmart over the holiday weekend, I believe I may have burst her eardrum with my great big girl squeal when I saw all of the mums.  We came for folding chairs and left with mums!

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    Happy 4th of July!

    I don’t decorate all that much for the 4th of July, but I sure do love the holiday! The 4th brings back so many great memories of food, fun and fireworks. The cicadas and lightening bugs are out. Front porch – and back porch- rocking, drinking lemonade and visiting with neighbors. Kids having to be home when the street light comes on. Summer is in full swing. I’ve already shared my July table with you…

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    Terri’s Porch Swing

    I just got back from Oklahoma where we celebrated my sweet Daddy’s 76th birthday.  After months of working on the inside, my sister Terri has begun working on the exterior of  her bungalow. With that in mind, I was on Pinterest looking for ideas to share with her and saw where someone had taken a full size bed and turned it into a porch swing.  Well, you know we had to try one! I have to say that Terri’s porch swing turned out pretty cute!

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    Still Working On The Patio

    I’m STILL working on the patio! Why am I still working on the patio? I blame it on the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that it’s raining. Most of the time. The forecast here is for one more day of sun followed by another whole week of rain!!! It just hasn’t stopped raining long enough for me to get my patio, let alone the rest of the yard, put together. This is what my patio looked like in years past. As you can see the iron part of the patio furniture is in excellent shape, but the cushions? Not so much!  I bought this set from the…

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    Trash to Treasure

    I admit it. I own it. I pick up things from the trash occasionally. On my morning walks on trash days you might be surprised what people throw out. Now, don’t think I am actively digging in dumpsters, but a dresser by the side of the road will have me braking my car faster than you can say furniture! This past Tuesday I hit the trash to treasure jackpot! I found this magazine rack/ table. You can’t really tell it in this pic, but it was an ugly yellow ochre color. Yikes! The one good thing it had going for it was that it was sturdy. Of all the things…

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    How To Make A Garden Flag

    I came to the hanging of garden flags late in the trend, but once I got there I was on board in a big way.  But I am picky.  Maybe even a little snobbish about my garden flags.  I usually go for the bold colorful, embroidered ones. No cheap printed signs for me! Every once in awhile I  will make one when I can’t find one that I love. Which is what happened recently. Today I will show you how to make a garden flag! Up until today, this is the garden flag flying at the castle. It had three of my favorite colors, was embroidered and I admit I…

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    Using Chalk Paint Outside

    I have been knocking out a ton of small projects, which is good – and bad. Good that I am finally getting around to getting them done. Not so good that it takes time away from my bigger projects.  A lot of these projects would normally have been done in the spring, but this years torrential rains kept me from getting them done. One of the questions I get asked a lot about is using chalk paint outside. Can you? Yes! It is as durable outside as it is inside. The only difference? The top coat finish. You clean and prep the same. Paint the same. However, you can not…

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    More Flowers On The Front Porch

    Have you all gone to the on-line store Antique Farm House? Well, you totally should! Lately I have bought a few things from them and I have to tell you that it is all I can do to wait for them to get here! Look what came in the mail a few days ago. I totally LURVE It.  And it really works too! Isn’t the detail on this just full of awesomeness? I shared this bucket full of flowers with you awhile back.  I told you that I would be putting it back up after the Fourth of July. And I did. The only negative I have about this bucket…

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    My Redneck Pool

    Remember when I shared my patio cover and new lights this year and you could see part of a “crop circle” in the photo?  The crop circle is the pad for my redneck pool. ( It’s only redneck because I thrive on super tacky pool decor!) I am a water dog. Texas summers have three temperatures – hot, humid and hotter. Some days I feel more like a lizard on a rock rather than a water dog. So a pool is high on this girls priorities.  We plan on moving in the next couple of years so an in the ground pool just doesn’t make sense financially. So  I did…

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    My Little Blue Planter

    I have to admit that I have about twenty projects in the works at one time. Which is rare for me. Now that we have sunny days, I am trying to play catch up with everything I had planned to get done this summer. This painting project was one of them and it was so simple that I am almost embarrassed to share it with you… however simple it may be – it makes a huge statement. My little blue planter went from pretty – to pretty darn spectacular! I won this sweet little planter at PoKeeno. If you are from the south -sweet southern (pronounced “suth-urn”) ladies either play…