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    Cleaning out the Wrapping Closet

    Have you ever read DIY articles about what to do with your “extra” closets? Yeah, me too. I used to laugh hysterically. Ain’t nobody that I know got an extra closet! Until I did. Empty nesting is good for something. So I made mine into a wrapping closet. My one guilty indulgence. Unfortunately, from time to time, mine blows up and its time to start  cleaning out the wrapping closet. In a big way! See what I mean? Being a small closet, thankfully it also makes me clean it up in a timely manner. There is no room to do otherwise. Also, Christmas is the perfect time to change things…

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    Making Office Organization

    My  youngest sweet sister is a minister. A year ago, her daughter got married and moved out of the house. Which left an empty bedroom available for my sister to make into a home office. Over the past year, sister has been collecting pieces to make her office functional and fun. Today we are sharing how we’ve been making office organization for her. The cute kind! What could be more functional or cute than a gate?  A couple of coats of seaside spray paint and the gate  was ready to go!

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    Getting Ready for the New Year

    Today is overcast, cool and I’m a little under the weather. So what’s a girl to do? Why get in her yoga pants, sweat shirt and start getting ready for the New Year. For as long as I can remember, I have decorated my calendar. Always. So when the new fad of journaling and decorating your calendars came along, I couldn’t jump on that band wagon fast enough!

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    Utensil Caddies Are The Bomb

    I’m here to tell you that Utensil Caddies are the bomb! Okay, does anyone still say “the bomb” any more? Probably not. But they really are and here’s why. We are having The Hubs family over this weekend for a cook out and a swim. Of course, we needed some swim toys for the littles. But what to store them in?

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    Organizing the Office – Part 2

    Today I am sharing organizing the office – part 2. With the cold weather last week, I started the never ending process of cleaning and giving my office a facelift. The first part of the office facelift, which you can see here, was cleaning up my work space and making new storage for my paints.  Organizing the office – part 2 is all about cleaning up one great big hot mess, in a very tiny area.

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    A Painted Caddy

    I recently bought the cutest caddy at HobLob! I loved everything about it but the color. Which y’all KNOW I painted. I love a painted caddy! When I found the caddy on sale for 66% off, it leaned a little and the color was kind of blah for me. I wanted a pop of color. So I tightened up the screw on the bottom to fix the leaning issue, then got busy with the paint. I wanted this caddy to look like it was very old, very chippy, and had had multiple coats of paints over the years. I painted  random spots of apple green, followed by duck egg blue…

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    Ticket Shadow Box

    I don’t know about you, but I have always made scrapbooks and hung onto memorabilia.  I love looking back at pictures and reminders of all of the good times. At the same time, I have to have organization for all of that stuff. I won a shadow box at PoKeeno  and thought that it would make a perfect ticket shadow box!  You know for all of your movie tickets, programs, and playbills. This is the shadow box that I won. The idea was that I would hang it in the game room right outside of the media room doors.  Kinda like giving your tickets to the usher before entering the…

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    Tiny Details In My Office

    I shared my office with you last week in a really HUGE post. So huge that I couldn’t show you all of the tiny details in my office in one post. So today I get to share those with you! Tiny details always make the piece come together. It’s just like adding jewelry to your favorite outfit. Here is a reminder of how my new/old tv armoire/office looks like. It was done in chalk paint, so it has a beautifully soft patina. The back plates on the doors would NOT come off without some serious damage to the doors, so I left them. I added these modern lucite and brass…

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    TV Armoire Becomes an Office

    I hate to admit it, but most of my blogging is done from my sofa in front of the TV.( My ADD prevents me from just sitting and watching a TV show – at least that’s my excuse!) If you thought that I have a stylish office that is perfectly decorated where I sit with a big cup of coffee and write, you would be so wrong. I have the office, but it is also my craft room. Nine days out of ten, I have a billion projects going on at one time. It can be one hot mess!  As I get more involved in blogging I realize that I…

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    Laundry Room Facelift

    My sweet seester Darrla has been talking about giving her laundry room a facelift for awhile now. One problem. She hates to paint. Say whaaaaatttt???? I KNOW, I have been telling her she is adopted for years! Just kidding.. Since I love to paint, I told her that when she was ready I would be there with paint brush in hand. Cuz we all know I lurve to paint. I should tell you that she rents her home so she is limited to what kind of laundry room facelift she can make. Her walls? Yup, she can paint. Her cabinets and woodwork? Nope.  We so wanted to paint it all…

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    Office Bulletin Board

    I have been working on so many things at one time that I haven’t had time to share them with you! It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yep, when you are a Queen you get a whole week, not just one day!Woo HOO! The hubs took this week off from work so that we could work in the yard, put in a new patio, chop down some trees… One small problem. The weather has been yucky. Today was the first day that it hasn’t rained and let me tell you we were outside working our fingers to the bone! Since it has been rainy- and it is suppose to rain the rest…

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    Wrapping Center Makeover

      Ya gotta be crazy to start a project in the middle of the Christmas season!  But this one was  born out of necessity.  The necessity to keep me sane!  I usually wrap gifts on the pool table. Pro’s? Lots of space. Good lighting. Con’s? I have drag everything out. Usually leave a mess because I am in a hurry. Drives the Hubs cray cray!  BIG TIME! I am up to my elbows in projects,work, decorating and wrapping gifts when I decide that it was time for a wrapping center makeover! The dust catcher exercise room is just off of the game room and has this teeny, tiny closet that has…

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    Laundry Room Mini Makeover

      A few days ago I walked into the laundry room and it hit me that it was looking a little tired.  The cabinets needed dusted and maybe a little paint touch up.  The laundry basket was overflowing with who knows what and the tile grout was well – I’m not even gonna go there! It was time for a laundry room mini makeover!     A few years ago we remodeled our laundry room.  I didn’t take pictures of it back then. It was just a small rectangular room that had a shelf and clothes hanging bar that ran the length of the room over the washer and dryer. The…

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    Seven Days To A Better Closet – Makeover Part 1

      Yep, it took me seven days to make my closet better, cleaner and prettier.  Much longer than even I imagined.  So I am going to share with you my closet makeover! We cleaned, stained concrete, painted walls and here is how we did it.     I am really embarrassed and can not believe that I actually took a picture and shared it with you!  The thing is, this is the smallest closet I have ever had since before I got married!  Seriously, I have lived in apartments with bigger and better arranged closets. Ugh!  This closet is only 10 X 6.  Shouldn’t a castle have a bigger closet?…