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    Black Botanicals

    The weather is still a little cool here in North Texas. Yesterday it hailed and rained! Since I am in the house until the weather clears up a bit, I’ve decided to work on framing some black botanicals. I purchase this book a good six months ago. I knew that the beautiful pages would make  awesome art work!

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    Erma Nash Library

    A long time ago, in another state, I used to be a children’s librarian. It was truly my most favorite and the most rewarding job that I have ever had. Last year my best friends daughter became the librarian at Erma Nash library. She asked if we would consider painting the walls in the library. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! We only had two weeks to get a lot of painting done. Roxanne and I painted as fast as we could, but sadly, didn’t get everything done.  Fast forward one year and we are back to finish the job! If you missed what we painted last year, you can see…

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    Deer In The Nursery

    Deer in the nursery? You betcha! The sweetest client in the world called me and asked if I could paint a mural in her nursery. Sure! I’d love to. What are we painting? Deer. Deer?? Yup. Seems hubby is a huge hunter and wanted to share that with his sweet baby girl. My client gave me some of the bedding to show me what she was thinking and I have to say it is girly and sweet without being over the top.

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    Jungle Mural

    Roar! It’s a jungle in here! I have been so fortunate to be able to do something that I love so much lately. I shared the Library Mural  that I helped paint here, and today I am sharing a jungle mural that I did for a sweet client. August has truly been a month of mural painting and I couldn’t be happier! It was kind of hard to photograph the entire mural because it was in a round room! A first for me.  As you can see to the left here in the photo, there is an entire bank of windows.  This banyan tree with jungle animals spans the wall to…

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    Library Mural

    A few weeks ago I shared with you a sneak peek of the new murals in Erma Nash Library in Mansfield, TX. My BFF Rox’s daughter, Ashley, is the new librarian there and wanted to add a little color to her library. Well, I am happy to announce that the library mural is finished and I can now share it with you. We added on to a few of the paintings I shared with you earlier…. The giving tree got a lot larger… Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse was added.  Love her glittery red cowboy boots! Charlotte’s message for the farmer… Wilbur was one terrific pig! Across the library we added…

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    Library Mural Sneak Peek

    Some of you may not know it, but I used to be a Librarian. For realz! Don’t laugh… It was my dream job. I loved everything about it and had we not moved, I might still be working at the El Reno Carnegie Library in the children’s section. I was excited beyond belief when my BFF Rox called and said that her daughter Ashley had taken the school librarians job. How darn fun! Ashley wondered if we would be interested in painting murals all around her library? Oh, heck yes! We aren’t even close to being done, but I couldn’t wait to show you what we have been working on……