• The tale of two dust ruffles
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    The Tale of Two Dust Ruffles

    Yesterday was definitely a Monday. I had two things to do, just two. Make a quick trip to Lowe’s to get paint to finish up a child’s table and chairs. And plant some plants I purchased on Saturday. Neither of those happened. Instead, my gas cook top blew up. Which leads me to the tale of two dust ruffles. Have I confused you yet? If my BFF Roxanne had been with me, it would definitely been another of our Lucy and Ethel adventures. Unfortunately, this one is all on me!

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    My New Kitchen Walls

    For the record, I have painted my kitchen 5 times in 12 years.  Thank the heavens above, I just might  have finally gotten the color right with my my new kitchen walls. My family is so relieved! When we moved into the house 12 years ago, the entire house was a blah builder beige. Now, If you like builder beige, don’t hate me. We are just not beige people. Since I was a “faux finisher” in a previous life I gave the kitchen walls a lovely golden old world finish. After that fad faded, I painted it  SW Knubby Wool to match the adjoining rooms. I quickly realized that I…

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    Saying goodbye to the Refrigerator and the Dishwasher

    Sadly, yesterday I found myself saying goodbye to the refrigerator and the dishwasher. It’s been time for a new fridge for awhile, but I just haven’t been able to make myself buy a new one. So what if it doesn’t match anything in the rest of the kitchen? Or that it has a silver dollar size hole in one of the drawers? She is a big part of our family. My fridge even has a name, it’s Big Mable.  Big Mable still runs beautifully. She faithfully makes my crushed ice and has for nearly 20 years.  Mable not only keeps our food cold and fresh, she is also one of…

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    New Double Ovens

    I have wanted new double ovens here at the castle for a very long time. They just weren’t very high on my priority list considering how expensive they were. Then The Hubs hosted his family’s July barbecue get together and everything changed.  We broke the oven door. It is never dull when the Lagaly family shows up! Spoiler Alert!  This is one long post, so sit back, grab something to drink and let me share my tale with you.

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    Styling The Hutch

    Instead of this post being about styling the hutch, it should be about giving a mouse a cookie. You remember the book, right?  If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask you for a glass of milk.  If you give him the milk, he’s going to ask for a napkin.  It’s the never ending story. It all started when I went to dust the kitchen hutch.  My design boredom hit me like spider monkey hyped up on Mountain Dew.

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    Bungalow Kitchen

    I recently shared my seester Terri’s bungalow bedroom and today I  am sharing her super adorable bungalow kitchen.  I have a ton of pictures to share with you, so get a cup of coffee and sit back and get comfy! Terri’s sent me two photos  of the kitchen when she first looked at her bungalow.  Needless to say they were still in the middle of  renovation at the time these were taken. The bungalow kitchen had new gray granite counter top and backsplash. All of the cabinets had been painted white and the walls had a fresh new coat of a pale yellow.  Even though the photos showed a very…