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    Mother Nature is Messing With Me

    It was a beautiful 80 degree day here in Texas yesterday. After weeks of cold temps and gray days, it sure was welcome. It feels so much like Spring. I love it! But I know that Mother Nature is just messing with me, before long it will be cold again. After all, it is Texas in February. It was way to pretty to stay inside all day, so I headed out to do a little work in the garage. While there, a few things caught my eye. My fringe flowers were going crazy! My cabbages are so huge and pretty this year! Don’t you love that purple? My mint is…

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    Friday Favorites

    Hey all, it’s FRIYAY! I hope that you are surviving this heat. Maybe a fun vacation? Or floating in a pool with a refreshing beverage.  Speaking of beverages, grab your favorite. Find a cool spot and check out my Friday favorites. My first Friday favorite is this super fun summer read. It’s release date is July 17. I laughed. I cried. Sometimes I did both at the same time. Pre-order yours now here.

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    Just A Few Things

    I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! Normally, the day after Easter has me putting away the bunnies and starting to work in my garden. However, the weather isn’t co-perating. It’s cold! So, today I’m going to share just a few things with you that I do have going on.

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    Fall Flowers on the Patio

    Fall flowers on the patio are a must here at the castle. We spend more time in the back yard than we ever do in the front. Plus, let’s face it. I just can’t resist all of the beautiful fall flowers that are in the nurseries right now! Beautiful mums, kale and even a few pansies are for sale everywhere right now. There are even pumpkins for sale. There is only one major problem. It still feels like 105 degrees here in Texas!

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    Fall Front Porch

    My fall front porch is  slowly coming together. It’s still in the 90’s here, so it’s a little hard to shift from summer flowers to autumn leaves.   In fact, until this past weekend, you couldn’t find a mum or pumpkin for sale anywhere. My sister and I hit Walmart over the holiday weekend, I believe I may have burst her eardrum with my great big girl squeal when I saw all of the mums.  We came for folding chairs and left with mums!

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    Fall Mantle

    I can’t believe that Halloween is over! Before you know it we will be getting our Christmas jingle on!  I packed all of the spooky and scary up, left the pumpkins out and started on my Thanksgiving decor.  The first place I started? My fall mantle. After putting away my Halloween decor and giving the mantle a good cleaning, I was left with my mantle basics – a long box and three candlesticks. I’ve tried different things on the mantle, but I always go back to these. The mantle is not very wide so I am limited as to what I can put up there. I add fall flowers, feathers,…

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    Fall Table

    A few weeks ago I shared with you some of my fall decor, all except my dining room table. I gave you hints, but the dining room had so many pictures that I felt like it needed it’s own post to do it justice. Funny thing though, the longer I lived with it the more I took things off of the table. It just felt wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I decided to start over! I finally came up with a fall table that I could live with! This is the table before. Parts of it were to fussy. Parts were to plain. I just didn’t…

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    More Flowers On The Front Porch

    Have you all gone to the on-line store Antique Farm House? Well, you totally should! Lately I have bought a few things from them and I have to tell you that it is all I can do to wait for them to get here! Look what came in the mail a few days ago. I totally LURVE It.  And it really works too! Isn’t the detail on this just full of awesomeness? I shared this bucket full of flowers with you awhile back.  I told you that I would be putting it back up after the Fourth of July. And I did. The only negative I have about this bucket…

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    Getting the Backyard Summer Ready

    OK… we finally have had a few days to work in the yard. It is so rewarding getting the backyard summer ready.. you have no idea!  With all of the rain, I was beginning to have my doubts. The first thing I like to clean up – other than the flower beds – is one of my favorite places on earth – the patio. Or as my BFF Rox says ” the party-o”.  I made out great this year, usually I am buying new pillows, replanting all of the pots, and replacing anything that is totally worn out. Due to our unusually mild winter everything was in pretty good shape.…

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    15 Minute Decorating

    I don’t know about you, but there are times when I want to shake things up a little in the decorating department. Okay… let’s be honest, with me it is more often than not! Thing is – I don’t  always have a lot of extra time to pull it all together. But it can be done. Today I want to share with you what I call 15 minute decorating.  You know, the little things you can do in a short amount of time to decorate your home. Today I am working on a floral arrangement. Peonies are some of my favorite flowers! I saw these and decided that these were…

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    Garden Chair Makeover – Again

    Yay! It finally stopped raining so I can get out into my yard and start planting, pruning, rearranging and enjoying the sunshine.  This is my favorite time of year. Today I gave my garden chair a makeover – again! It’s not the first time this garden chair has had a makeover, and it probably won’t be the last either. This is what my chair looked like last year… well, at least it did when I decorated for fall. For the life of me I can’t find the original pic of when I first painted this chair. Mental note: photo re-organization in my future! As you can see Mother Nature took…

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    Dreaming of Spring

    Sorry this post is so late. Went out of town for a few days and thought that I would auto post! NOT! So forgive me if I am a few days late. I couldn’t help myself.  I usually walk right by the floral section at the grocery store. Not because I don’t like flowers, because I do. I would spend a fortune every week, especially now, because I am So. Over. Winter. After the past few weeks I feel like I need some serious light therapy. This time I couldn’t resist because I am dreaming of spring! So I bought these lovelies and put them in one of my garden…