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    How To Make A Faux Boxwood Wreath

    Hey! As I write this it is a beautiful, but cold, sunny afternoon. After days of dreary cold, wet weather the sunshine is so welcome for this girl. I did manage to get a few things done with my enforced confinement indoors. One of which, I want to share with you today. How to make a faux boxwood wreath. I purchased this boxwood wreath on a trip to Magnolia years ago. While it wasn’t terribly expensive, it wasn’t inexpensive either. However, I use it all over the house. I’ve been super surprised at how versatile this little wreath has been! Shortly after the new year, my BFF Roxanne and I…

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    Mixed Media Valentine’s Decor

    It’s the first Ten on the 10th of the new year. I’m so excited! If you’re new here, that means that ten fun bloggers get together on the 10th of the month to share fabulous fun ideas for under $10.00. A great big thanks to Carol from Blue Sky at Home for hosting this month. This months theme is Valentine’s, so I’m sharing a fun and easy mixed media Valentine’s decor project. So, let’s get this party started! List of supplies: Wooden blocks of various sizes. I used scrap wood from The Hubs pile of scrap boards. Sizes varied from 8″x8″, 6″x6″ to 3″x3″. Paint colors of your choices. Paint…

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    Another Christmas Craft

    I have another Christmas craft to share with you, just one more. I promise. Again, like last time, it’s an easy one. Which sometimes are my favorite kind!  Every year I try to make, or buy, something small for all of the women in my family. This year I decided to make leather earrings! I found this “faux” leather here. It is the perfect weight and thickness for cutting on my Silhouette. Cutting out the earrings was super simple. Simply choose a design in the Silhouette design catalog, edit the size, and cut them out. Since I was making over a dozen, I cut multiples out at once. The sampler…

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    Christmas Crafts at the Castle

    Here at the castle, the stockings are hung. The tree is up and the elves have finished sprinkling Christmas decor through out the castle. So, what’s a girl to do? Why break out the Christmas crafts at the castle, of course! For the first time in many years, I have almost all of my Christmas stuff done! I’d love to pat myself on the back, however it’s mostly due to my car being in the shop off and on for the last month! Certainly not because this girl is rocking it! When you are forced to stay home it’s amazing how much you get done. Who knew?

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    Handmade Christmas Gifts

    Happy November! Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner? With cooler weather, it puts me in the mood to make a few handmade Christmas gifts. It’s also the perfect time for Ten on the 10th! I can’t wait to see what Christmas gift ideas my blog friends have this month!

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    How To Make Damask Pumpkins

    I promised that I wouldn’t share any more pumpkins with you this fall. However, I saw some recently and thought “Hey, I could make those”. Then I thought that maybe you would like to make some too.  So today I’m sharing how to make damask pumpkins! These mini pumpkins were super easy to make and are the perfect decoration in my dining room. 

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    Mason Jar Door Hanger

    Have you noticed all of the cute door hangers lately? They are everywhere! If you haven’t  just check out Pinterest. It certainly has a ton to look at for inspiration. I’ve been looking for a small gift to give my sweet sisters and came across the perfect thing. A Mason Jar Door Hanger! I found several cute mason jar door hangers but none were exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own!

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    Knock Off PomPom Pillow

    Oh, man have we been busy here at the castle. We started what we thought would be a 2 or 3 day project, however it’s been a week since we started! In all fairness, it’s one of those do a little and wait projects. So in between work, I’ve been working on a few other projects.  I’ve been making a knock off pompom pillow, putting a new lamp in the guest bath, rearranging furniture and refreshing the wrapping closet!  I’m tired just writing this. Isn’t this pom pillow cute? I had it in my basket when I remembered that I had a brand new pom pom maker in my office…

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    Adrianna’s Coat Rack

    We all know that children’s rooms can get a little chaotic. Okay, a lot chaotic, messy,  and unorganized in a very short amount of time.  My sweet niece is getting ready to move into her new house soon, fingers crossed, and we have been working on getting her nursery decor ready for move in day for some time now. Since it’s been cold, I decided that making Adrianna’s coat rack would be the perfect indoor project for me! We lovingly call the baby Beep, but her given name is Adrianna Paisley. I took my cue on decorating the coat rack using her name. Adrianna and paisleys! Cheesy, I know, but…

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    Making Gift Tags With Leftovers

    If you craft at all, then you are probably a lot like me. You have quite a bit of “leftovers” from past projects.  I decided that making  gift tags with leftovers would be a good way to clean out my office. I truly do have a lot of paper, ribbon, string, glues, bells, pipe cleaners, wooden pieces, fabric and all sorts of odd items laying around my office. You name it, I’ve probably got it! Every so often I have to clean out or run the risk of the clutter taking over.

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    Monogram Coasters

    It’s rained here a lot lately, so I’ve been trying to catch up on a few inside projects that I  have been putting on the back burner this summer.  One of those projects was to make a set of monogram coasters for the living room. A few years ago, I discovered that you could take natural stone tiles, a stamp and some paint and make some really cool coasters.  They were so easy and fun to make that I couldn’t make just one set for me. Oh no, I  made a set for everybody on my Christmas list.

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    Empty Bowls

    Y’all I want to share with you something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Empty Bowls.  Empty bowls is  a fundraiser that benefits hunger relief in 13 counties served by the Tarrant County Food Bank in Texas. Basically, you buy a ticket to the fundraiser, the ticket gets you entrance, a free bowl made by an artist and you get to “taste” food from over 30 different restaurants. All things I love! Here are just a few bowls that were left at the end of the day. At the beginning there are so many bowls (and people!) that you can’t even see the table. It…

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    DIY Christmas Friday #3

      It’s DIY Christmas Friday #3! You know where every Friday before Christmas we share a craft that is so easy even a monkey can do it? I’ve been decorating for Christmas like a mad woman here at the castle. When it came to putting up the stockings it occurred to me that our stockings were in pretty fair shape, but the fur babies stockings were pathetic. I’m talking toes up peeps! It was time for some new pet Christmas stockings!     There are a ton of cute pet stockings out there, but if I ordered on-line I’d have to wait forever to get them. Anything I could find…

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    DIY Christmas Friday

    I can’t believe it, but it’s time to get your jingle on! Especially if you are going to make some of your Christmas gifts, crafts or decor. In keeping with the spirit, Fridays here at the castle, from now until Christmas, will be DIY Christmas Friday. The Queen has decreed it so! I’m starting with a craft that is so simple to do I’m almost embarrassed. At the same time it’s so dang cute I can’t help but share it with you! It’s a Christmas tree place card holder! Or you could just use it as a sweet decoration like I have it here. Here’s what you are going to…

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    Ticket Shadow Box

    I don’t know about you, but I have always made scrapbooks and hung onto memorabilia.  I love looking back at pictures and reminders of all of the good times. At the same time, I have to have organization for all of that stuff. I won a shadow box at PoKeeno  and thought that it would make a perfect ticket shadow box!  You know for all of your movie tickets, programs, and playbills. This is the shadow box that I won. The idea was that I would hang it in the game room right outside of the media room doors.  Kinda like giving your tickets to the usher before entering the…

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    My Redneck Pool

    Remember when I shared my patio cover and new lights this year and you could see part of a “crop circle” in the photo?  The crop circle is the pad for my redneck pool. ( It’s only redneck because I thrive on super tacky pool decor!) I am a water dog. Texas summers have three temperatures – hot, humid and hotter. Some days I feel more like a lizard on a rock rather than a water dog. So a pool is high on this girls priorities.  We plan on moving in the next couple of years so an in the ground pool just doesn’t make sense financially. So  I did…

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    Summer Wreath

    Okay, so it’s not officially summer yet, but a girl’s gotta be prepared. Right? It’s time to get new flip flops and swimsuits. Dust off those shorts. Get out the big glass gallon pickle jar to make sweet sun tea. (If your not from the south and have no clue, it’s how we brew our tea. Outside, in the sun.) Time to spruce up the yard and plant new flowers. While I was sprucing up the yard, I realized two things: my front door needs a new coat of paint and I need a new fun wreath to welcome summer. So what does a girl do when in search of…

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    Black and Gold Tray

      The Hubs and I  have been busy little elves here at the castle.  We love to make gifts when we can. We have ten of the sweetest nieces and nephews that we buy Christmas gifts for and we love to be creative! This is the year of legos! Legos Super Heros, Legos Friends…. lots of legos for both boys and girls. I saw a legos tray on Pinterest and thought it would be an awesome gift for the Hubs and I to  make to go with all of the legos.  Their Mom’s and Dad’s just might like the legos tray too, as it helps contain the small pieces while…