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    I’ve Been Working In The Backyard

    Instead of getting my work done, I’ve been working in the backyard instead. Oh, the perils of working from home! Well, that and my lack of an attention span. I should be painting chairs, a piano and getting ready for a garage sale, but every time I try and start one of those projects I find myself outside instead!

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    My Redneck Pool is Open

    My redneck pool is open! I get so excited every year to get the pool up and running. My Hubs? Not so much.  Deep down inside I know that the pool has grown on him. But it’s taken about 5 or 6 years.  He hated it so much the first year I took myself down to the Dollar Tree and bought a dozen or so pink flamingos to put around the pool.  Needless to say I don’t have those anymore, they have mysteriously disappeared over time…

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    My Redneck Pool

    Remember when I shared my patio cover and new lights this year and you could see part of a “crop circle” in the photo?  The crop circle is the pad for my redneck pool. ( It’s only redneck because I thrive on super tacky pool decor!) I am a water dog. Texas summers have three temperatures – hot, humid and hotter. Some days I feel more like a lizard on a rock rather than a water dog. So a pool is high on this girls priorities.  We plan on moving in the next couple of years so an in the ground pool just doesn’t make sense financially. So  I did…