witchy halloween dining table
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Witchy Halloween Dining Table

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When you enter the castle, one of the first things that you see is the dining room. It’s also one of the first places that I start decorating for holidays. Since it’s October, it’s time to set my Halloween table. This year’s theme is a witchy Halloween dining table.

witchy halloween dining table

There are some constants on my Halloween dining table. The first being a witches hat. Each year I pull out my witch’s hat and give it new ribbons and decor.

witchy halloween dining table

Along with my witch’s hat, my table scape features an orange, white and black runner.

The table scape is finished out with berry vines, glitter pumpkins and glittery hot pink sticks.

witchy halloween dining table

I don’t buy a lot of new things when decorating for holidays, but try and mix up a few new things with the old.

My Halloween place setting is a purple placemat, followed by an orange metallic charger.

The dishes are almost always white, topped with fun themed salad plates.

I found four of these “Wiccan Lace” plates last year at Home Goods.

Which worked perfectly on my kitchen table, however I needed four more for the formal dining room.

I was super lucky to find another four at Home Goods again this year.

place setting

Each plate has a different theme.

A witch, a skull, a haunted house and a black cat.

I used my favorite black and white polkadot bandanas for napkins.

All tied up in a pretty black bow and topped with a shiny spider.

light up eyeball

A few weeks ago I was grocery shopping and saw these cute light up eyeballs.

I figured that they would be perfect for a placecard holders, until I saw the price.

At 5.99 each, times 8, that was a bit much for a one time decorating accessory.

However, a few days after that, I was a Michael’s and found eyeball ornaments and knew that I could make my own.

Especially, since I had everything to make them except the eye balls.

halloween placard

Turns out, I was able to make 8 of those light up eyeballs for under 10.00.

I plan on sharing how to make those with you soon!

After I had made the light up eyeballs,  for a little fun I also made place cards that featured famous Witches in history.

spiders and bulbs

Another thing that I always use is my hanging spiders.

They are super cute and shiny hanging from the chandelier.

I added hanging bulbs to the mix, since I wasn’t going to use them on the stair rail this year.

witchy halloween dining table

All in all, I truly do love my witchy Halloween dining table.

I think it would be perfect for a fun ladies “witches” luncheon, don’t you?

Until next time…


Tammy from Patina and Paint


  • Rita C at Panoply

    Super cute and colorful! I remember seeing those plates at HG and thought very cute. Lucky for me and the rest of y’all, I don’t do Halloween, but I’d sure have fun at a table where someone served it up like you have!

    • Tammy

      LOL, Thanks Rita. I saw where you didn’t like Halloween. I have to say there are years where I wonder why I’m still decorating for it. Then my youngest comes home and he loves it so much I keep on doing it. So until I guess as long as he likes it I’ll probably keep decorating!

    • Tammy

      Jean the eyeballs are super simple. I bought the eyes at Michaels. The eyes are actually ornaments. Take the silver “hanger” part of the ornament off. Using a craft knife, cut off the “stem” part of the ornament. This leaves a hole just big enough for the “flame” part of a tea light to fit into the ornament. It should fit snugly.I thought about gluing the eyeball to the tea light, but then I couldn’t change out the tea light when it burns out. Once that was done, I glued fur around the base of the tea light! Enjoy!

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