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Tiny Details In My Office

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office arm 17I shared my office with you last week in a really HUGE post. So huge that I couldn’t show you all of the tiny details in my office in one post. So today I get to share those with you! Tiny details always make the piece come together. It’s just like adding jewelry to your favorite outfit.

office arm 10

Here is a reminder of how my new/old tv armoire/office looks like. It was done in chalk paint, so it has a beautifully soft patina. The back plates on the doors would NOT come off without some serious damage to the doors, so I left them.

office arm 8

I added these modern lucite and brass pulls. If they look familiar, it’s because I used them on the chest of drawers in my wrapping closet. I really, really lurve them! I like the modern pulls against the traditional back plate – I’ve always leaned toward the eclectic.

office arm 4

Most of the tiny details in my office are on the inside. The most obvious being the cheetah print stenciling.

If you follow along with me, you know that I love doing something to the drawers to make a statement. On the outside face of the drawers I have hand painted crowns ( you know I love them) and numbers . The Hubs asked me if I needed the numbers so that I would know how many drawers I had. That earned him a serious eye roll!

office arm 11

On the inside of the drawers I lined them with this fun paper!

office arm 5

The doors themselves were a great opportunity for some organizational tools.

On the left side, I painted it with chalkboard paint. Love me some inspirational words of wisdom.

office arm 19

Since my post on Friday I went back and added a calendar below the chalkboard.

office arm 6

On the right side is the bulletin board, which is really clean right now. Before long I will have it filled with everything from swatches to photos of ideas or upcoming blogs.

office arm 7

On the upper shelf, I added baskets and attached cute chalkboard signs  so that I would know where I put what. Hey, Go ahead and judge, but I never seem to remember where I put what at first. Besides they are CUTE! I also put some of my favorite art and design reference books up there.

office arm 1

And one of my favorite tiny details in my office is the chandelier which was formerly a candlelier. I love it – I do. Although I am still not digging the gold and silver together on this one.  There may be some changes coming to it in the future! But for now… it’s all good.

I also had this Do What You Love print that I could never find a space for.. it’s like it was made for this spot.

office arm 15

Some of the tiny details that you don’t immediately see are my newly painted office supplies. I taped them all up…

office arm 18

and spray painted them gold! LURVE!!!!

office arm 4

And the finished piece….drum roll please! There are a ton of tiny details in my office. Individually they really don’t make that big of an impact, but put all together they give it that WOW factor. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Do you have a dedicated office space in your house that is a little unconventional? I would love to hear about it!

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Tammy from Patina and Paint

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