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TV Armoire Becomes an Office

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office arm 16

I hate to admit it, but most of my blogging is done from my sofa in front of the TV.( My ADD prevents me from just sitting and watching a TV show – at least that’s my excuse!) If you thought that I have a stylish office that is perfectly decorated where I sit with a big cup of coffee and write, you would be so wrong. I have the office, but it is also my craft room. Nine days out of ten, I have a billion projects going on at one time. It can be one hot mess!  As I get more involved in blogging I realize that I need a dedicated space to do nothing but blog. I think I have the solution. Here’s how my tv armoire becomes an office! 

I have a ton of photos, so get yourself a drink, settle in and get comfy!

office arm 12This tv armoire came with my bedroom suit. I had it for quite awhile –

office arm 14and it was fine… although it looks much better in the photo than in real life! It was really beat up.

French Armoire 3

Until I found this piece. It was love a first site! Old armoire out, new armoire in!

So I had my old armoire sitting around wondering what to do with it. And then it hit me…why not make myself an office?

office arm 10My office/craft room is “tiffany” blue, black and white. Over time I have been adding in gold accents, so my new “office” had to match. The first thing I did was paint all of the inside white. The outside I painted black, slightly distressed it and added a little gold accent. I will say though, that when the doors are shut, you can see the white. No bueno! So I am going to go back and paint the one inch lip on the inside of the armoire. Problem solved.

office arm 4

TA DA!!! Here’s the finished office!  I was a little worried about the cheetah print, but figured I could always repaint if I hated it. Thing is… I really do like it!

Hand painted crowns – ya know I gotta have those! – and numerals on the drawers. (The hubs snickered at the numerals asking me if I need the numbers to know how many drawers I had? Serious eye roll!)

The shelving above is perfect for books and baskets to hold all my knick knack paddy crap. Drawers and adjustable shelving below make for a ton of storage for me. A girl needs her storage, am I right?

office arm 5

After opening, I can push the doors into the cabinet or leave them out.  I figured these were the perfect spots for a few organizational tools. On the right side I painted the inset on the door with chalkboard paint. Gotta have a place to put some inspirational quotes.

office arm 6On the left side, I mounted a bulletin board to hold all of my swatches, notes etc. Below the bulletin board I mounted some Command strip hooks and hung clips from them to hold my photos. I may change out the command hooks with something more decorative over time, but for now they work well.

office arm 1

I needed a small light in my new office, but couldn’t find what I wanted. I had this “candlelier” hanging in the guest room and inspiration hit. I made it into a hanging light! I will share that with you in a later post – just because I love you. I am gonna change a few things with it though. Usually the two tone metals wouldn’t bother me, but since there is absolutely no silver anywhere else, I will be taking it apart and painting it gold. I may paint the black cord too…. OCD much? Oh, yeah!

office arm 4

Now heres the part that lets this tv armoire become an office. The TV sliding stand/tray- thingy. Yup, real technical term there for ya!

office arm 2Because the tray slides out, it creates a desk that is the perfect height for this stool that I repainted and recovered earlier this year. Woo Hoo!  Major room for my legs and feet.

I love how my tv armoire becomes an office for so many reason – too many to show all in one post ( so check back next Tuesday for all of the details!).  I love that I can push the desk in and close the door when I am not using it, giving me plenty of room for whatever I am working on in the rest of the room. I love that it is pretty,  I mean, who doesn’t want to work where you feel happy and at home?

This project was a ton of work. A little painting and a ton of details. But so worth it!

Until next time….


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Tammy from Patina and Paint

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