Happy Memorial Day

As a child, growing up in Oklahoma, I knew that  Memorial Day meant that school was out and it was sweet summer time! By the same token, 4th of July meant that summer was half way over. Sadly, Labor Day meant that summer was over and it was time to put my shoes back on and head to school. If you can’t tell, Summer is my favorite season of all!

Today, Memorial Day not only signals the beginning of Summer, but is a reminder of all of the brave men and women who have died serving in our nations armed forces.  So what better reason to celebrate?

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New Rug In The Dining Room

I’ve got a new rug in the dining room! My sweet sons bought it for my Mother’s Day present. I was completely surprised and very excited.

I had been drooling over this rug for awhile now, but kept going back and forth. Yea or nay? I mean it is hot pink!  In the past my rug choices have always been a lot more neutral.  To say I was scared was an understatement.

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Where are My Crowns?

Not long ago a friend asked me if I had one room that was full of crowns? I smiled and told her that one room couldn’t possible hold all of my crowns! So, where are my crowns here at the castle? 

First, I must give this disclaimer: 99.9% of all of my crowns I have received as gifts. I didn’t buy all of them.  As they say in my birth place of Oklahoma – I love each and everyone of them as if I had given birth to them my own self. Truth.  I have so many that I spread them  throughout the castle. They shine better with plenty of room!
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New Artwork at the Castle

I’ve got new artwork at the castle and I couldn’t be happier! I saw this print for sale a few years ago and fell in love.  It reminds me of two of my most favorite things. Sadie my black lab and the beach.

I tried to order it and found out that it was out of stock.  Disappointment was an understatement.

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to buy more artwork for the castle. More stuff I loved, less stuff that I settled for because it worked okay in  a space.

A few weeks ago, I remembered this print and wondered if I could find it again. I was so excited when I did find it and couldn’t get my credit card out of my purse fast enough to get it ordered.
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Working on the Patio

The weather has been perfect here in Texas lately, so I’ve been working on the patio. I have been spray painting anything that looks even the slightest bit tired and worn. Sadly, I’m going to be here awhile!

Spray painting isn’t the only work on the patio. If a little TLC couldn’t revive anything that looked a little tired and worn, it went into the trash. I have been ruthless!

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A New Pot on the Patio

I’ve got a new pot on the patio.  My new pot is cute, super trendy and and is not originally intended to be a flower pot.

It’s a utensil caddy! This sweet caddy was calling my name, however I already have a utensil caddy. So what else could I use it for? A pot on my patio! I love using everyday items and making them into fun things for my garden.

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Making Clothes for Beep

It’s a rainy day here at the castle, so I’ve been inside making clothes for Beep! Who’s Beep? My niece, Laura, is expecting Miss Adriana Paisley, or as we call her “Beep”, in August .

Beep is the first great grandchild in our family so you can imagine just how excited we are. We waited patiently for months to find out whether Beep was a boy or a girl. Once we found out that Beep was a girl, my sisters and I couldn’t get to the mall fast enough. Let the spending sprees begin!

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Changing the Hardware in the Guest Room

I started redecorating the guest room a year ago. Just about the time I think I’m done  I’ll see something  else that I want to change or add. Another project! Changing the hardware in the guest room was my latest project.

Oh, who am I kidding? I am constantly painting, changing, or updating something. My son recently called and asked what I was doing. I told him I was painting the kitchen hutch to match the new kitchen walls. His response? “Of course you are!”

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Easter in the Kitchen

I have been so busy painting that Easter in the kitchen is going to be low key this year. At least the decor part anyway!

I shared my white painted hutch, chalkboard and partially finished small cabinet with you last week. While I am so thankful that these projects are finished, I am still running behind on just about everything else. I decided to give myself a break. What gets done, gets done. If it doesn’t, oh well!

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Updating the Chalkboard and Small Cabinet

I’m back with the never ending kitchen facelift. So far we’ve replaced all but one appliance, painted the walls and the kitchen hutch. Once that was done, it was clear that there were a few more things that needed attention.  Like updating the chalkboard and small cabinet that sit next to the back door.

This isn’t the best picture, but you can see what the chalkboard and small cabinet looked like before. The chalkboard always seemed a lot little too gold. I never could decide what to do with it that would look good against the yellow walls.  I loved the the small cabinet, and really had no plans to change it.  Then I painted the kitchen a dusty blue green and everything had to change. Continue reading →

Painting the Kitchen Hutch White

I shared with you yesterday what I should be doing but wasn’t.  I should have been painting the kitchen hutch white instead of playing hooky in the back yard.

This is what my kitchen hutch looked like up until a few days ago. I loved  everything about it. I loved the color, the mismatched pulls, and the size. Then I painted the walls. My beautiful hutch no longer matched anything. Unfortunately, it was time to paint it.

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What I Should Be Doing

I had a plan. I was going to meet my bestie for lunch and see a movie. Afterwards, I was coming home and finish painting my kitchen hutch. However, that is not what happened.

On the way home from lunch, my bestie and I saw Hare’s Nursery. Of course, we had to stop. Naturally we bought some flowers. So it is needless to say that my plans changed. I’m planting flowers when what I should be doing is painting my hutch.

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Harry Potter Sweet 16 Party

If you are a Harry Potter fan I’ve got a story for you! Our niece was recently the star of her very own Harry Potter Sweet 16 party.

Our niece is a huge Harry Potter fan. Her mom has been creeping Pinterest for over a year now to find the perfect ideas for her daughter’s sweet 16 party. There were a ton of wonderful ideas, but not all could make the cut. I might be biased, but I think she picked the perfect ones!

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The Best Dad Ever

I honestly thought that I would skip posting today. Today we celebrate the life of our sweet daddy.

It’s gonna be a tough day. I’m sure we will laugh, cry, share memories, and most importantly celebrate a kind, loving, devout, good man. The best man I have ever known or loved. So please indulge me while I take a few moments and share him with you.

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My New Kitchen Walls

For the record, I have painted my kitchen 5 times in 12 years.  Thank the heavens above, I just might  have finally gotten the color right with my my new kitchen walls. My family is so relieved!
When we moved into the house 12 years ago, the entire house was a blah builder beige. Now, If you like builder beige, don’t hate me. We are just not beige people. Since I was a “faux finisher” in a previous life I gave the kitchen walls a lovely golden old world finish. After that fad faded, I painted it  SW Knubby Wool to match the adjoining rooms. I quickly realized that I am not a tan girl, so I painted it bright lime green. Yeah, what was I thinking?  Continue reading →

Easter Table Reveal

My Easter table reveal is here! I love Easter, don’t you? All of the beautiful spring colors, plants, easter clothes, egg hunts and family time. It just puts me in my happy place.

One of my favorite parts of family time is Easter dinner. It’s probably why I spend so much time thinking about my Easter table decor. Recently, I polled all of you dear readers and asked for your help deciding which place setting to use on my Easter table. Today I’m sharing the results of that poll!

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