Merry Christmas

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for stoping by and reading this year. I’ll be taking a break this next week to spend time with family and recharge. See you next year!

May you and your family have a happy and joyous Christmas!



Dallas Arboretum 12 Days of Christmas

If you haven’t been to the Dallas Arboretum 12 days of Christmas, you need to go! It’s almost over this year, although there are a few days left. It’s definitely worth the trip.

We recently bundled up the family and headed out to see  the 12 Days of Christmas Gazebos exhibit. It was awesome! So awesome, that I wanted to share it with you. I may  have gone a little crazy with the pics, so grab some hot chocolate and a comfy chair! Continue reading →

Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Welcome to my Christmas home tour part 2! If you missed part 1, you can see it here. Part one of the home tour was the downstairs common areas, Part 2 is all about the upstairs guest rooms and bathrooms.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my Christmas decorating is a lot like I decorate my home. A lot of tradition with a little bit of whimsy.

I wasn’t going to decorate the upstairs this year at all, until I found out that my sisters were coming for a visit after Thanksgiving. I tried to give each room a few small touches that would have a lot of my tradition with a tiny bit of whimsy. It seemed like the easiest thing to do was to decorate the rooms with my sister’s personalities in mind.

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Holiday Home Tour – part 1

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and decided to share my Christmas home tour!

I resisted sharing my home with you this year, mainly because my knee surgery has slowed me WAY down. So much so that I didn’t even put everything out this year. I know that the Hubs is laughing as he reads this. I cut back, but I’m sure he doesn’t think so!

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Decorating With Containers

I love decorating with containers. Especially at Christmas time. Decorating can get expensive, so why not use things that you already have when you can?

Along with containers being everywhere in your house, if you are anything like me you have a ton of Christmas bulbs, greenery, trees, faux snow, figurines and plants in your Christmas bins that never – or rarely get used. This year I decided to try and use more of what I already have and less of buying new stuff!

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The Queen’s Christmas

The Queen’s Christmas is always one of my favorite celebrations. This year was certainly no different! Every year eight of us get together and celebrate the Christmas season.


Normally, we would get together, eat, play few games and open gifts from each other. We always have a wonderful time, but over the years it seemed like we needed a change. So this year, instead of eat, play and gift, we decided to change things up a bit!

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A Plaid Christmas

I am in love with plaid this year. Have you seen all of the beautiful plaid ribbons, papers, and decorations? If I hadn’t bought my ribbon on sale after Christmas last year, this would definitely be a plaid Christmas here at the castle.

a-plaid-christmas-10While I love my current decor, I’m just a tiny bit bummed I don’t have a plaid Christmas everywhere. However, if I can’t have a plaid Christmas everywhere, at least I can have one in the dining room!

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Christmas Vignettes and Other Stuff

Due to my knee surgery, I’m a lot slower in getting my Christmas decorating done. I’ve gotten a few Christmas vignettes and other stuff done, but not one room is completely finished. I think I need a few elves decorate here at the castle!


I’m getting really close to getting all of my decorating done though. So, today, I thought that I would give you a few peeks at the Christmas decor that I do have done.

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How I Put Ribbon on My Christmas Tree

This is the week that most of you will begin decorating for the Christmas holiday, if you haven’t already started. Last year I shared my Christmas tree with you and I was surprised that I received a lot of inquiries on how I put ribbon on my Christmas tree. I guess inquiring minds want to know.


There are a billion different ways to decorate your tree and I am certainly no expert. I just do what  I like. Believe it or not, I actually went to a class to learn the secrets of putting ribbon on the Christmas tree. You, my friends, don’t have to take a class as I am more than willing to share what I learned with you!

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My New Front Porch Wreath

My new front porch wreath is probably one of my most favorite wreaths I’ve ever had!


In fact, it’s more of a decoration than it is a wreath.  For the past few years, I have been using the same wreath.  To say that it was a little sad and tired was an understatement, but I couldn’t find anything I loved to replace it. It was definitely time for a change!

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Pumpkins and Christmas Ribbon

It’s been nothing but pumpkins and Christmas ribbon here for the past week!


Sadly, I had knee surgery done a week an a half ago. As you can imagine, not much is getting done . I’ve got such a mixture of things started it is kind of crazy. My attention span is that of a gnat!


Sadie and I have been keeping ourselves busy. We play games. Okay, mostly this consists of her sitting and staring at me until I give her a treat, but I feel like we should get bonus points for the effort.

There has been a lot of TV watching going on too. She and I have grown very tired of trash daytime TV.  Let me tell you that Dr. Phil just isn’t what he used to be!

pumpkins-and-christmas-ribbon-3I’ve started a few projects. Notice that I said started, not finished. Remember, no attention span. At. All. Normally, I would share a fun, finished project with you. However, today I thought that you might enjoy seeing all of the unfinished projects that I’ve started. If we are both lucky I will hopefully share them with you sometime in the future!

  1. Little lighted Christmas trees!


2. Crazy Christmas letters made out of  garland.


3. Awesome monogramed Christmas ornaments


4. Making lots of bows for my christmas presents.

This is what my coffee table looks like. Pumpkins and Christmas ribbon. I don’t see it getting any better, anytime soon!

Hope that you are having a wonderful week!



Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette

Good morning!  I am so blessed to be joining a wonderful group of bloggers for a week long Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette tour hosted by the ladies of Thoughts of Home on Thursdays.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of all my blessings, my family and of course the food. With all of those elements put together, it only made sense that my stunning Thanksgiving vignette be on my Thanksgiving table!

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New Double Ovens

I have wanted new double ovens here at the castle for a very long time.


They just weren’t very high on my priority list considering how expensive they were.

Then The Hubs hosted his family’s July barbecue get together and everything changed.  We broke the oven door. It is never dull when the Lagaly family shows up!

Spoiler Alert!  This is one long post, so sit back, grab something to drink and let me share my tale with you.

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Pumpkin Roll Recipe

Many years ago good friend of mine shared her awesome pumpkin roll recipe with me and I am so thankful that she did! I have made at least 6, or more, of these rolls every year during the holiday season since that time. They taste heavenly and are so easy to make that they have become my go to dessert.

pumpkin-rolls-4Today, just because I love you, I am going to share that recipe with you. You are welcome!

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Winter Flowers on the Front Porch

Winter flowers on the front porch are always a dilemma for me. I’m not kidding.


Especially since it is still a warm 84 degrees here in north Texas. I’m still wearing shorts most days. I am really ready for cooler temperatures. So are my flowers. What should you do when the summer and fall flowers look a little tired, but its still warm? Good question. Continue reading →

Be Full of Thanks and Giving

Let our lives be full of thanks and giving. That’s my motto this Thanksgiving season.


I know that you are thinking that it’s a little early to be thinking of Thanksgiving, but November is next week y’all!  Thanksgiving is the most overlooked holiday sometimes. We are so busy getting ready for Christmas that we barely take the time to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

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You Don’t Want to Miss This!

I know, you don’t normally hear from me on Wednesdays, but I have some news, and girl you don’t want to miss this!


The fabulous gals over at Thoughts of Home on Thursday invited me to participate in the TOHOT’s Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette tour!

Seriously, If you heard a loud girl squeal, followed by what felt like an earthquake it was me doing my happy dance!

Here’s how it works. For one week, Starting Monday, November 7 thru November 11, you will be able to visit 25 of the most super talented gals in blogland and get a sneak peek of their awesome Thanksgiving decor.

Each day features five different bloggers, showcasing a stunning Thanksgiving vignette.

EXCEPT for Thursday. On Thursday  the Thoughts of Home on Thursday gals invite everyone to share their very own Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes!

You seriously don’t want to miss this!

Ready to do your happy dance yet? Your welcome.



Vanity Drawers Repurposed

Vanity drawers repurposed are a good thing, right? Yes, but that wasn’t always the plan.

vanity-drawers-repurposed-8 I’ve had a vanity in my stack of furniture that I had planed on flipping for awhile now. I finally pulled the vanity out of the pile with the intent to make some minor repairs and give it a quick coat of paint. However, once I started on the repairs, I realized that the damage was so extensive that it would need to be totally rebuild. That was not in the plan!

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Halloween Treat Bags

I LOVE Halloween treat bags! Don’t you? I mean, what’s not to love?

It’s the thrill of the unknown for me. Is there candy? Maybe a few treats? Or maybe even a trick or two hidden inside?  The Hub’s family was coming to the castle to have some Halloween fun, so I figured this was the perfect time to make a few Halloween Treat bags for all of our Littles!

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Halloween in the Dining Room

After sharing my chalkboard ghosts with you, I couldn’t wait to show you Halloween in the dining room.


We love Halloween here at the castle so we decorate the house in a huge way. This year is no exception! My dining room is the first room you see as you enter my home, so it its the perfect place to make a big statement.

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