Fall on the Front Porch

I’m finally finishing up fall on the front porch. I’ve been working on my front entry for awhile, but haven’t quite felt like it was finished.

To make it prettier, I would add more pumpkins and flowers.  Done!

An hour or so later, I would be removing them because I felt like I had too many pumpkins and flowers. I tell you, some days it isn’t easy living in my head!

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How To Dress Up Your Pumpkin

Y’all I can’t wait to show you how to dress up your pumpkin! They are so stinking cute!!!

I would love to tell you that this was totally my idea, but that would so be a lie. I was cruising Micheal’s website for idea for a fall project, when I came up Miss Heidi Swapp herself sharing how to dress up your pumpkin! You can see Heidi’s post here.

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Fall at the Castle

It is almost September, y’all! Hard to believe that it is time to decorate for fall at the castle.

I’m slowly pulling out the fall decor, trying to decide what I want to use. It’s so hard!

I really need to stay off of Pinterest. I see something that I really love and immediately want to decorate like that.  Even if it doesn’t match my existing decor. Anyone else have that problem?

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Bats At The Castle

There are bats at the Castle! I have been busy pulling out the fall and Halloween decor. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures that have me in a fall mood.

I know it’s really early to be thinking of Halloween, but I see pumpkins and loose my head! Besides, now is the time to get crafty for the up coming fall season. My sweet friend, Siana, sent me a picture of a Halloween wreath and told me that I needed to make it. So I did!

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Charger Makeover

Okay, I admit it, I’m weak when it comes to fall and Halloween decorations. I can’t help myself. Shopping for new items to spruce up my fall table was turning out to be a challenge, especially in the charger department. First world problem, right? Then it occurred to me, why not a charger makeover?

So, I grabbed a few items in the arts and crafts isle and got busy!

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Buc-ee’s, Mudpie and Crowns

I love Buc-ee’s, Mudpie and Crowns! Really. When I’m on the road here in Texas there is, thankfully, a Buc-ee’s conveniently waiting for me.

Buc-ee’s not only has a million clean ladies bathrooms, okay slight exaggeration,but I have never had to wait for a bathroom stall, it has just about everything you could want. Including a few of my favorite things!

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Beep’s Bow Keeper Part 1

My hand is feeling better, so I decided to try and make Beep’s bow keeper! Beep’s mom already has a ton of bows and headbands all lined up and waiting for Beep to arrive.

I’ve never been a girl mom, so imagine my shock when I realized that each outfit comes with a matching bow. And boy, do we have a lot of them! Thank goodness for Pinterest, where I found a ton of tutorials on how to make and organize bows and headbands.  Today, I’m going to share with you my version on how to make bow storage.

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A Broken Arm Means New Stuff

For me, a broken arm means new stuff here at the Castle. Well, technically it’s a broken wrist. Maybe.

Unfortunately, I fell down a week or so ago. I put my hand out to catch my fall, which is not the best idea. Who knew? Yes, I am a klutz!

Long story short, I am in a brace with a bad sprain and a possible broken wrist, waiting to hear from the Radiologist. I have instructions to not use my right hand. Easier said than done, right?  Continue reading →

New Clock at the Castle

When we first moved into the castle 12 years ago, one of the first things that I added were new clocks.

I added them everywhere. In bathrooms, in bedrooms, in the game room and in the office. Totally obsessed! We had double the size of our home and it drove me crazy that I couldn’t see one central clock from most of the rooms in the house.

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Why Am I In A Handbasket?

It has been so hot here in Texas. It’s hard to get in the mood to do projects when you just don’t want to leave the air conditioning. I recently did a little shopping at Gracie Lane in Arlington,TX. I found this sign: Where are we going? And why am I in a hand basket?

It reminds me of my Granny’s warning to us when ever someone was doing something she considered inappropriate. “They are going to hell in a hand basket!”

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Getting To Paint Again

I am finally getting back to the business of getting to paint again! It’s been a busy, weird year so far. I’ve done very little painting.

My friend Janice’s birthday was the perfect excuse to get my paint brushes out! I made her a rustic hand painted sign for her home. It is so easy to make that I thought that I would share how to make one with you.

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