Grandma Shirley’s Piano

This is the story of Grandma Shirley’s piano. The story of how it came to be is actually pretty funny considering that  I don’t even play the piano, however almost all the women in my husbands family do!


I purchased this piano from a local school that was having a garage sale.  When I purchased it I had another piano sitting in my house and had just sold one that was in my study. So why buy another one? That’s a good question!

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Trash to Treasure Vanity

I’m not sure if you know it or not, but I started this blog to promote my furniture restore business four years ago. Over time the blog has morphed into more of a life style blog. However, there are still days /weeks where I’m swamped with furniture makeovers. That’s this week. Today I’m sharing a trash to treasure vanity makeover.

trash to treasure vanity

A friend texted me asking if I  had seen this vanity in the trash down the street. Nope, I had not. So I hopped into the car and went to do a little dumpster diving. This is what I found!

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New Outdoor Patio Furniture

I have new outdoor patio furniture! A week or so ago I shared with you my crazy Walmart adventure about buying patio furniture. If you missed it you can see it here.

The short version is that I bought patio furniture and it had multiple parts missing.All wanted was spray Paint

The Hubs called the furniture makers and they agreed to ship us all the missing parts.


It sat just like this on the back patio for a week and a half.

Good news. The parts came in on Friday!

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A Magic Table Before and After

I’ve got a magic table before and after to share with you today! table

Why is it a magic table? Because if you pull on it’s legs, it changes sizes.  It took me forever to figure it out. I even called my neighbor who gave it to me to ask how it worked. I kind of felt like I need to take an advanced math class to figure it  out!

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My New Favorite Artist

I have had love affair with art my entire life. I love making art, looking at art and I love finding new artists that inspire me. This past week I found my new favorite artist at the grocery store! I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth.
Roxanne Spradlin art

My new favorite artist is Roxanne Spradlin. Many of you may know and love her work, however she’s new to me.

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All I Wanted Was Spray Paint

I had one goal, just one. All I wanted was spray paint from Walmart. That’s it. In and out.

Unfortunately, I decided to go through the garden center.

Why? Because it’s less crowded, right?

gold spray paint

It was less crowded, it also had a HUGE sale on patio furniture. That I didn’t need!!!

Y’all know that I can’t pass up a good sale.

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Making Office Organization

My  youngest sweet sister is a minister. A year ago, her daughter got married and moved out of the house. Which left an empty bedroom available for my sister to make into a home office. Over the past year, sister has been collecting pieces to make her office functional and fun. Today we are sharing how we’ve been making office organization for her. The cute kind!


What could be more functional or cute than a gate?  A couple of coats of seaside spray paint and the gate  was ready to go! Continue reading →

Beep’s Tee Pee

I can’t believe it. Beep is almost one year old. Please, stop time! I’ll say this, birthday parties sure have changed since my boys were small. A few friends, family and a Big Bird birthday cake were all we generally had. Today, it’s more of an extravaganza! Beep’s party theme is Boho. Lots of florals, feathers and bling. We even have a special place to hold the gifts. Beep’s Tee Pee!

birthday invitation

Once my niece, Laura, had chosen her theme. Her elves, Granny, GT, and Aunt T, got busy helping Mom make the extravaganza happen. We started with these sweet hand made invitations.

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Beep’s Adirondack Chairs

I’m happy to say that I have a lot of projects going here at the Castle. I tend to get a little lazy when the weather starts to get hotter. And boy, is it hot! The past few days have had me painting Beep’s Adirondack chairs.

painting chairs

Last week on my visit to the grocery store, I spied these sweet miniature Adirondack chairs. They are just the perfect size for Beep! Continue reading →

A Different Kind of Tissue Holder

Today I want to share a different kind of tissue holder with you. Since I’ve been hiding inside due to the heat, I’ve been on Pinterest. Imagine that! If I’m not on Pinterest I’m stalking my favorite bloggers checking out their latest posts.

tissue holder

This is the standard tissue holder here at the Castle. Not that inspiring, is it?

Have you been to the blog Redhead Can Decorate? Julie has the cutest house. This week she shared how to make a 5 minute tissue holder. I was hooked! I had to try and make one for myself.

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How To Deal With A Holiday Hangover

I hope that you had a wonderful  4th of July weekend. We sure did!  We started the Friday before the 4th and celebrated all weekend into the week. Now that it is all over, I’m learning how to deal with a holiday hangover. No! Not that kind of hangover. More the I’ve worn myself plumb smooth,gained ten pounds, had so much fun kind.

Last minute 4th of July decor

I’m certainly not complaining though. I would do it again in a heartbeat! So what did we do? Quite a lot!

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How To Make a Patriotic Banner

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well, actually it’s the 3rd, but around these parts everyone celebrates the 4th on the 3rd. Confusing much? I agree! I had a few people ask how to make a patriotic banner like the one I shared last week.


So I decided to share how to make one, just in case you want a quick inside project to beat the heat!

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Friday Favorites

Hey all, it’s FRIYAY! I hope that you are surviving this heat. Maybe a fun vacation? Or floating in a pool with a refreshing beverage.  Speaking of beverages, grab your favorite. Find a cool spot and check out my Friday favorites.

My first Friday favorite is this super fun summer read. It’s release date is July 17. I laughed. I cried. Sometimes I did both at the same time. Pre-order yours now here.

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Last Minute 4th of July Decor

It’s been so hot here in North Texas that I’ve been hard pressed to do anything but float in the pool. My procrastination is why I spent the last weekend getting all of my last minute 4th of July decor completed. Well, that and my sweet sister is coming in for the weekend.


I started with the front porch and worked my way through the castle. Sprinkling a little 4th of July cheer as I went. Continue reading →

4th of July Kitchen

Last weekend was Uncle Kahron’s annual BBQ.  Otherwise known as the Lagaly Family BBQ. The BBQ was so much fun and it was awesome to get to be with all 28 in attendance!  We slept 16 here at the castle. We joke every year that if we get anymore sleeping over we will be sleeping on the pool floats! All joking aside, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that the Lagaly family BBQ is over, it is time to decorate for the 4th of July.  My 4th of July kitchen is one of my favorite places.

Lagaly family BQ

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Art in the Guest Bathroom Part 2

There is nothing that will light a fire under me to get things done than having company. It’s time for The Hubs annual family BBQ, which means we will be sleeping around 16 of the 35 invited. So I’ve been working overtime to get things put together here at the castle. I recently shared with you my failed attempt at art in the guest bathroom, so I only felt it fair to redeem myself and share the art in the guest bathroom part 2!

The week I lost my mojo

This was my first attempt. Ever have one of those “what was I thinking moments”? Well, this was mine! Thankfully I found something I like much better!

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Make a Floral Garden Flag

Good Morning! It’s one of my favorite days of the month – Ten on the 10th. I love this day because I get to see what all of the talented ladies in the group are doing. They do inspire me! Our theme this month is Flowers. With that in mind, today I’m sharing how to make a floral garden flag with you.ten on the 10th

Not gonna lie, I have a ton of pictures. So grab something cold to drink and find your favorite chair!

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What I’ve Been Reading

Since it is summer and a few of you will be looking for a good read, I couldn’t wait to share with you what I’ve been reading.

As a former librarian and a lover of books, I read a lot! So when I saw that Melissa Radke was looking for people to be on her new books launch team, I signed up as fast as I could!

Y’all I cannot tell you how excited I was when I got the email from Melissa telling me I was in!

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Partio Rules

Last week I shared a few things that we added to our shade patio. If you missed it, you can see those here. After we added the hanging baskets to the shed, it looked a little bare. It definitely need a little something to fill in the blank space on the wall. What better than to post the partio rules!


Yes, you read that right. Instead of a patio, we have a partio! What is a partio? It’s basically a patio, but you have so much more fun on a partio. My BFF Roxanne and I decided many years ago that we no longer had mere patios. Too proper for us for sure!

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The Week I Lost My Mojo

This is the week I lost my mojo. What? Even golfers get the yips. Or is that baseball players? Years ago tennis player Andy Roddick lost his. I know this because I saw the commercials of Andy missing the ball and bumping through life.


What exactly is Mojo? Wikipedia defines it as a magic charm. If I ever had a “magic charm”, I’ve certainly lost mine! Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot done this week. Just not that many things that I would call sharing worthy. Ever had one of those weeks? All I can say was the week started off well and then took a different direction.

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Putting Lipstick on the Patio

Morning everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We sure did at the Castle.  Fun, family, and food. We even found ourselves putting lipstick on the patio!

summer backyard

Lipstick? Blame my Granny. When anything needed a little sprucing up she would announce that we needed to “slap some lipstick on it”!

This was our patio at the beginning of the weekend. Not bad, but it needed a little lipstick!

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I’ve Updated My Privacy Policy

Happy Friday morning to you!  Sorry that you are receiving the second blog post from me in one day, but I’ve got some important info for you! Yep, I’ve updated my privacy policy. I’m sure your inbox has been filled with this kind of notification over the  past few days from your favorite bloggers.

If you are really into this kind of thing you can go to my home page and find my privacy policy there. ( I did type my fingers to the bone writing that thing!) If you have better things to do, let me break it down for you!

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