The Natural Gardener

The Natural Gardener is my new favorite nursery! Maybe my most favorite of all time!The natural gardenerWe made a day trip down to Austin, TX to see my eldest son. He had told me about finding a new nursery that he thought that I would love and boy was he right! If you want a nice “normal” quick stop for flowers this is not the place for you. Take yourself down to a big box store. But, if you want beautiful flowers, fun, whimsical garden art and unusual plants then this is your place.

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Tyler’s Dresser!

Tyler’s dresser has had many lives here at the castle…

Tyler's Dresser 8

I’ve painted this dresser so many times I’m not even sure what the dresser looked like originally anymore.  I think maybe it was white? It was a garage sale find from many years ago. It has had a funky silver faux finish, it has been brown and as you can see black.  It is a smaller dresser so it has been perfect for my son’s apartments all through college. My younger son recently moved into his own loft apartment and thought it was time for some grown up furniture, so Tyler’s dresser came back to me.

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Deer In The Nursery

Deer in the nursery? You betcha!

deer in the nursery 9

The sweetest client in the world called me and asked if I could paint a mural in her nursery.

Sure! I’d love to. What are we painting?



Yup. Seems hubby is a huge hunter and wanted to share that with his sweet baby girl. My client gave me some of the bedding to show me what she was thinking and I have to say it is girly and sweet without being over the top.

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Still Working On The Patio

I’m STILL working on the patio! Why am I still working on the patio? I blame it on the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that it’s raining. Most of the time. The forecast here is for one more day of sun followed by another whole week of rain!!! It just hasn’t stopped raining long enough for me to get my patio, let alone the rest of the yard, put together.

yard 5

This is what my patio looked like in years past. As you can see the iron part of the patio furniture is in excellent shape, but the cushions? Not so much!  I bought this set from the Better Homes and Garden line. I really, really love it. However, when I went to purchase replacement cushions for this set I was shocked to find that they didn’t sell any.  Say What?

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Children’s Chairs

Children’s Chairs Before and After

CHildren's Chairs 8

Our community had our neighborhood garage sale last weekend. I didn’t have my self together enough to participate and sell all of my nick nick paddy crap that seems to just appear out of thin air around here, but I did have fun doing a little shopping! Even the Hubs decided to tag along.

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Painted Flower Pots

So my sisters and I had a pot party this past Saturday. As in painted flower pots.  We had a party with my sister and niece to paint our flower pots. We kept calling it a pot party just to get a reaction out of my husband. So fun…. he he!

Painted pots 11

Let’s face it, flower pots can be expensive, especially if they are large or are one of  those pretty glazed pots. The pots we painted may not be that fancy, but we had a great time painting them and they will give our gardens a pop of color that we love at a great price!

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Green Garden Flag

I made a green garden flag! I’ve made garden flags before – You know how picky I am!  I still love this  first one, but I was ready for a new one to celebrate this spring.  You can see how I made the first one  here.


I was inspired by Kari Anne at Thistlewood Farms. She made the cutest monogramed banner ever. I loved it so much that I thought it would make a wonderful painted  garden flag.

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Vintage School Desk before and after

Remember I told you that I scored big at garage sales lately? Well today I’m going to show you one of my finds. A vintage child’s school desk!

child's school desk5

I already shared with you a cute wicker table that I found at a school garage sale, if you missed it you can read about it here. Well, I also bought these awesome tiny children’s school desks at the same sale. Continue reading →

Outdoor Table

I hit the jackpot lately with garage sale finds. One of which was the cutest wicker outdoor table that I know my sister’s bungalow needs!

outdoor table 7

My sweet friend Laura called me about a garage sale that her school was having and  I couldn’t get off of the phone fast enough to get down there. The school’s last garage sale  was very, very good to me!

I found many cool things including this wicker outdoor table. The minute I saw it I knew my sister needed it!

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Sofa Table

sofa table 19

We recently decided to give the office a makeover. One thing that had to go was a 50 gallon fish tank that sat on a sofa table that we have had forever. The fish tank went to a good home, but the sofa table stayed and got a face lift!

sofa table 18

This is what the sofa table looked like before. Really, really dark.  It’s new home was in the living room where all of the furniture that is wood is dark. I have been slowly trying to lighten that room up. New sofa, accent chair, flower arrangement and crazy stool – all lighter. My trim is white so it just made sense to go white with the table!

Warning: This photo shoot was crazy! It was either too rainy for good photos or it was too bright! And my crazy dog and cat decided they wanted to be photographed as well. If it wasn’t one, it was the other. By the third time I tried, I was so over it. Done. Stick a fork in me. sigh…

sofa table 15 This is what my sofa table looked like after a few coats of white with a tiny bit of distressing. I felt like it was too white. It disappeared into the white blinds and wood work. And looked like a neon sign at midnight against the stained concrete. Not good. It needed to be a tiny bit darker. Annie Sloan dark wax to the rescue!


sofa table 4

As you can see, it went from old world to a little bit french. I love it. It’s lighter and brighter without being a blinding white.


sofa table 13

The dark wax let all of the detail show up with out being overwhelming.

sofa table 12I love all of the details. You just couldn’t see that when it was all white.

sofa table 11

The sofa table before and after turned out exactly like I envisioned it.  Quite frankly it was easier to paint it than it was to take photos of it

Of course, it’s not totally finished. I am looking for an old crate to go under the table instead of a basket, I just haven’t found the perfect one yet.  And you know that the decor on top will change like a revolving door at Neimans!

Until next time….


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Round Top Texas

Round Top Texas 19

My wild and crazy Pokeeno group and I just got back from a trip to Round Top, Texas. For those of you who have no idea what or where that is  – it is 17 miles of antique venues and flea market fields on highway 237 in the cities of Carmine, Burton, Round Top and Warrenton, TX.  The fields in between these cities are also full of permanent buildings and tents filled with vendors from all over the United States selling everything old and new. It’s BIG people! For those of you who follow Amie and Jolie Sikes, you know that Warrenton, TX is the headquarters of The Junk Gypsies. Today is Part 1 of Round Top Texas.

Round top 18

Day 1: We started early and drove  the 3 1/2 hours to Sommerville, TX where we stayed. Be sure to book your lodgings as far in advance as possible. The closer to the antiquing week the further away you will have to stay. There are people who go every year and book a year in advance. After checking in we headed out to shop.

We started in Carmine, TX. The first day was super warm and sunny. Carmine is cute and quaint with several stores off of highway 290 and stretches out- with plenty of rural land in between- to highway 237.

Round Top 17jpg

These stores looked like old downtown stores of yesteryear and were filled with antiques, junk and all manner of funky things. They also had some of the prettiest planters filled with spring flowers!

Round Top 16

I also found this funky fertility god just hanging out… can you say UGLY??? Not creepy at all!

Most places close down at 6:00 p.m. so after hitting all of Carmine it was time to head back to the hotel room and regroup for the next full day of shopping. OK… there may, or may not, have been a few margaritas calling our name!

Round Top 8

Day 2 found us in Burton and Warrenton, TX.  I didn’t get too many pictures of Burton as it was dark, cold and very misty and most of our adventures were in outdoor flea market fields filled with tents and a few permanent buildings. Not the best pictures to be had for sure!

By the time we hit Warrenton it was humid, the mist had burned off and we had horrible hair. But, we did have fun!

Round top 9

Warrenton has a little bit of everything – new crafts….

Round Top 10

Antiques… these would have looked great in my sisters bungalow kitchen!

Round Top 12

Tons of girl shopping!

Round Top 13

Cute clothing of all kinds…

Round Top 15

Zapp Hall is the place to eat lunch, have afternoon cocktails or eat dinner and listen to live bands. Super friendly service and the staff definitely has a sense of humor. It is also the venue for the Junk-O-Rama Prom hosted by the Junk Gypsies.

Round Top 11

And just when you think that you’ve seen it all, you realize that you haven’t. A stuffed coyote for $425.00! Is it just me or is he smiling?

Round top 12

Anyone want to buy a photo prop? No?

If you are junking there are stalls galore just waiting for you. Warranton is fun, crowded, and has more shops than you can visit in one day. It is truly a full day event.

We left Warrenton proper and headed a mile or so east of there to visit the Junk Gypsy Headquarters to finish off day 2.  That visit is for a whole other post!!!

Round top 1

Day 3: The weather was again misty and gray… we only had a half of a day before we needed to head home, so we finished our girl trip in Round Top, TX , population 90.  If you are going to Round Top be sure and eat at Royers. I have heard it is the place to eat, so if you go, be sure to make dinner reservations ahead of time. We had planned to eat lunch there, but unfortunately they are not open for lunch!

Round top

As you can see, they knew I was coming and had marked a parking space just for little ole me!

Round Top is mostly made up of a few business around the square and a lot of the cutest houses you’ve ever seen. I was so busy looking at the houses that I forgot to take pictures of the craft fair on the square. ADD much?

Round Top was the perfect ending to the perfect girls get away. We laughed, shopped, and ate our way through that part of Texas and didn’t let the dismal weather slow us down one little bit. I’d say it was a success!

Come on back next week when I will finish up with Round Top part 2. I’ll share our visit to The Junk Gypsies, what I bought and the do’s and don’ts to help you if you decide to visit the Round Top antique festival yourself.

Until next time…..


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I’m getting ready to sit down to our families traditional breakfast/brunch- Papa Joe’s Honey Bunnies. When my sons were little we used to go to 8:00 church and then head on out to my in- laws for honey bunnies that Papa Joe made. LOVE THEM! After eating Papa Joe’s HB’s, we would head out to my mom and dad’s for Easter lunch and an egg hunt. Good times!

Many years have passed, the boys have grown up and we moved away from Papa Joe.  Distance made it hard for Papa to make the HB’s, so I started making them to keep that tradition alive. I am so glad that I did. My sons still love them and they are a  reminder to us of our wonderful past Easter memories with ones that we love.

My wish for you this Easter is that you get to spend this wonderful day with loved ones, creating lovely memories for years to come!


On a side note. I’m taking a few days off. My crazy Pokeeno ladies and I are off to Roundtop, TX to shop and have a little fun! I promise to share all of the crazy when I get home.

Happy Easter!

Until next time….



Bubble Wands For Easter

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>bubble wands 15

I’m giving Bubble Wands for Easter to all my littles! I was recently at a link Party surfing around and found the cutest enchanted bubble wands. I had to make some. Not gonna lie, if you want a tutorial that is creative and fun keep reading. However, if you want an EXACT and informative one Rena Klingenberg at Jewelry Making has a fantastic tutorial.   I am gonna warn you right up front, this post is a little long and has a ton of pictures. So get a drink, settle in and enjoy!

Supply List

bubble wands

16 or 18 gauge wire – 9″ long for a large wand or 6″ long for a small one (copper or brass)

24 gauge wire for stringing beads


wire cutter

file for smoothing wire ends

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Ring mandrel – don’t panic if you don’t have one of these – I didn’t either! I just used a piece of PVC

Fine Sharpie

Bubble wand 2

Danger Will Robinson! Read this entire post before attempting to make a wand. Trust me. you’ll thank me later! Your welcome.

I wanted a large wand so I cut my wire 9″ long.  The tutorial called for a file, but I was too lazy to hunt one up so I just used sandpaper to smooth out my wire ends. No sharp ends for my littles!

bubble wands 1

Next, using my fine sharpie, I marked the wire 2″ from one end.

Bubble Wands 3

Sorry this is a little blurry! It’s time to make the bubble blowing loop. This can be any shape, but I felt like since I was a bubble wand novice the circle would probably be the easiest.

Leaving the 2″ end of wire straight, wrap the wire around the PVC to form a circle. Now don’t panic like I did if the circle isn’t super tight. Mine wasn’t. It still turned out cute!

Bubble wand 4

Using your flat nosed pliers make a bend in the stem below the circle you just made. You want to center the main wire stem directly under the circle. Like a lollipop.

bubble wand 5

Using your flat nose pliers firmly grip the circle and wrap the straight 2″ wire ( two or three times) around the main stem of your bubble wand right below the circle. You can use pliers, but I found it was just as easy to use my fingers.

Cut of any excess wire. Use your chain nose pliers to squeeze down the cut wire end so that it doesn’t stick out and catch or scratch something.


bubble wand 6Time to make the handle. This step is super easy. It’s also where I messed up! Find the half way point of your bubble wand stem and mark with a sharpie. Place the mid point wire against the handle of your sharpie marker and wrap the end of your wand stem around the marker making a round or tear drop shape.

So far so good right? WRONG! You are suppose to have enough leftover wire  after wrapping the end around the sharpie to get creative and make a fun design. Where did I go wrong? I should have made the adjustment for using the PVC instead of the mandrel at a ring size of 15. Yeah… math was never my strong suit. Back to the drawing board.

bubble wand 8

This time I cut my wire 12″ long. Now repeat all of the steps up to and including wrapping your wire around the sharpie. NOW, you should have plenty of leftover wire to get creative!

bubble wand 9

See the difference? Now if you want a no fuss teeny, tiny end do the 9″. If you want to go all out and make yourself a really enchanted bubble wand you want the 12″. Up to you.

bubble wand 10

Now is when you use your 24 gauge wire and the beads to embellish your bubble wands. I left some plain and really blinged out some of the others. I made some wands big and some little. What I realized that you don’t have to be exact with any of this. Thank goodness or I would have had a mess. It’s so hard for me to color in the lines people!!!

bubble wands 14

I bought some bubbles and tied the wands onto the bottles with coordinating ribbon.

Bubble wand 11


Then I packaged them up in these cute bags, added some eggs, chocolate and a few other toys.

bubble wand 12

I tied it all up with some tulle and my bubble wands for Easter were ready to be delivered to all of my littles!

I think my bubble wands turned out pretty cute. Maybe not as cute as Rena’s, but I’m happy with them and hope that my littles are too! If you decide to make any, I would love to  know how yours turned out!

Until next time…


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Ryan’s RV Kitchen

Ryans RV Kitchen 13

I recently shared part one of my son Ryan’s RV reno. If you missed it you can see that here. Today I am sharing part 2 – Ryan’s RV Kitchen. 

Ryan's RV kitchen

This is the before. Not too bad. Although he wasn’t thrilled with the dated wallpaper. The laminate counter top which was originally an almond color had faded to a pinkish tan. And the mini blinds had seen better days.

Ryan's RV kitchen 9

The stove and the vent hood were still an almond color, but Ryan’s was wanting a newer, cleaner look.

Ryan's RV Kitchen 7

This was the view of the kitchen refrigerator, heater and storage area. And if you look closely on your left you will see the bathroom door is open so that you get a peek of his mini shower! Not much changed on this side as he liked to wood look.

Ryan's RV Kitchen 5

Just about everything ,except the cabinet color, changed on the other side of the kitchen. First thing was demo. He removed the sink, the window treatments, the vent hood, and the stove.

Ryan's RV kitchen 8

Removed all of the caulk around the cabinets and walls.

Ryan's RV kitchen 10

The laminate received a couple of coats of a paint made especially to paint countertops.

Ryan's RV kitchen 11

The vent hood , stove top and oven door were thoroughly cleaned with a TSP de-glosser before painting.

Ryan's Rv kitchen 13

We used Rust-Oleum White appliance paint for all of his appliances.

Ryan's RV kitchen 6

This is a TERRIBLE picture, but once the counter tops, the walls and the appliances were painted we installed a white vinyl, peel and stick backsplash in a mini subway tile pattern.

Ryan's RV kitchen 2

Here is the end result! So much better. All of his work gave it a cleaner, more modern feel.

We toyed with replacing the knobs on the cabinets, but decided not to. If it had been just a matter of  replacing knobs it would definitely have been done. The existing ones had these weird back plates attached to them that had huge holes behind them. The doors would have had to be refinished or replaced to accommodate new knobs. That just wasn’t in the budget.

Ryan's RV Kitchen 4

I made him new curtains for the window. We recovered the old cornice board and doubled the width of the curtains so that they would completely cover the window when closed.  I think they turned out well.

Ryan's RV Kitchen 3

I think this small kitchen turned out pretty great! All of his hard work made this formerly cute kitchen into a  cleaner and more modern one.

I can’t wait to show you the bathroom and bedroom…

Until next time…..


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Monogramed Towels

Monogramed Towels 6

I love monograms. It’s a new passion of mine. So lucky for me my sister gave me some monogramed towels for my birthday. Even more lucky for me my niece-in-law is the one who monogramed them! Get ready for this: She has a monogram machine!!!! Let the heavenly choir sing!Monogram towels

My sister gave me two towels. One you see here, and the other I carry in my tennis bag.  In my monogramed high it occurred to me that these would make the perfect gift. Birthdays, hostess gifts… gifts fit for a Queen.

monogram towels 4

January has three Queenly birthdays so I thought that these monogramed towels, along with some awesome hand soaps, would be perfect birthday gifts.

monogram towels 3

I tried to choose colors that each of  the Queens would love and of course they had to have a crown!

monogram towels 2

I don’t know about you, but I think these are just about perfect. My niece does such a beautiful job. So much so that I am thinking about monograms on napkins, and purses, and placemats…. the list is really endless!

Now, you must excuse me, I’ve got to go shopping – new napkins are calling my name!

Until next time….


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Painted Children’s Table

Painted children's table 10

I have the best friends. Who bring me the most fun projects! My friend Lally called me recently and asked if I could do a painted children’s table? Oh, yeah. I love doing children’s rooms and furniture! Bring it on!

painted children's table 5

Here is the before of the table top… as you can see it needed a little work.

painted children's table 6

And this is one of two chairs that went with the table. So cute. But obviously a little boys table and Lally wanted this one to be for her granddaughter. Not gonna work!

painted children's table 7

First thing I did was glue, screw and clamp the table and chairs. They were sturdy, but a little wobbly!

painted children's table 8

While those were drying, it was design time. This is how I roll. Quick sketches with quick color. Not only is this a good way to give the client an idea of what I am thinking of doing, but it is crucial for me to look at during the painting stage to remind me of my design. Does it alway stay exactly this way? No. But it is a good start! Lally had sent me Pin’s with ideas that she liked and gave me the colors of her granddaughter room and said “go for it!”. So I did!

Once that was done I gave all three pieces of furniture a layer of Kilz, followed by 2 layers of white paint. Followed by some decorative painting in white, mint and coral.

painted children's table 4

You would think I would have gotten some great pictures BEFORE I delivered them, but no. Did I mentioned it has been raining here for the last five days? Today was the first day that we saw the sun and that was the later part of the day! So all of the pictures that I have been taking were TERRIBLE! So thank goodness I thought to take some as I delivered them. Although the color is a little off.

painted children's table 2

Lally wanted one chair to have her granddaughters initial on it…

painted children table 1

And one “neutral” one for a friend.

painted children's table 3

Here’s my design actually painted.  The same? Not exactly, but it is pretty close.

painted children's table

Hopefully Lally’s granddaughter ( she is 2!) will love this painted children’s table and chairs. I know I do.  It has been a fun two or three days of painting. I love my job!

Until next time…


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Spring Fireplace Mantle

Spring Fireplace Mantle

It’s raining here… I mean really, really raining – with no end in sight! I think the rain has given me spring fever. So I’ve been busy inside. I’ve been feeling as if my fireplace mantle needed a little lightening up, so I’ve been working on a spring fireplace mantle!

fireplace mantel1

Here’s what it looked like before.  The painting is HUGE! and heavy.  I love it, but admit that I’ve thought of putting something else above the fireplace. My parents gave it to me years ago so it’s staying until I can find another spot for it.

So instead of a complete redo, I decided to go with a small refresh. After thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to add in all different shades of white. If you look at my painting you will see white flowers, I’m hoping that different shades of white will tie it all together.

fireplace mantel 6

The first change – the flowers. I loved all of the colors in my last arrangement, but recently they have just seemed so dark.  Michaels had 40% off of their spring florals, so I picked up two of my very favorite flowers – hydrangeas and peonies- for my new spring arrangement.  I already had some greenery and some fluff ( you know – all of the extras to fill in the arrangement – leaves, sticks etc.) to add to the arrangement.

fireplace mantel 4

After the arrangement, next up was the candles. Again, I went with white flameless candles.  I love being able to flip a switch to turn them on and off. Plus, no chance of me burning the house down with these! I toyed with white washing the candlesticks, but these are the color of the paintings frame and I didn’t want too much white.  I did add a tiny bit of black ribbon to tie in with rest of the room.

fireplace mantel 3

I really like how it lightened everything up. Isn’t color amazing?

fireplace mantel 5

I love my flameless candles at night too. The soft glow is so warm and inviting.

fireplace mantel 2

I think that my spring fireplace mantle refresh turned out pretty well. I’m toying with removing the fireplace screen… and that cat toy really has to go! You know that you have a problem when you don’t even notice the cat toy or dog bed in ANY of your photos, before or after, or even during editing! Oh well, at least it makes my animals happy!

Until next time….


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My Kitchen Easter Table

kitchen e table 10

The past few weeks have been CRAZY y’all! After a fun weekend with my sister, things have hopefully settled back into what I consider “normal” and I can get back to the business of sharing fun things with you. Today I am going to share my kitchen Easter table with you!

kitchen e table 1

I would tell you that I go a little more “simple’ when decorating the kitchen easter table, but the last time I did a sweet blogger told me, in a really sweet way, that my simple was different from her simple. That made me smile. I guess it’s all relative.

To me it is simple. And easy. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t do it, cuz I’ve got things to do! I don’t use a table cloth – I would be washing it every day. Whose got time for that? I do start with a clean table and add layers.

kitchen e table 5

For me it’s easiest to start with my centerpiece. Once I have that done I build outward. This year, like last year I started with this white bunny. I love him. I added some grass, eggs and a few natural elements and my centerpiece was done. I always have my centerpiece on something that can easily be picked up and moved. I have to be able to clean the table. Yes, you are seeing a trend here…we can be messy!

kitchen e table 6

Once I have the centerpiece down, I add my placemats, napkins, chargers, plates, glassware and silverware.

After I have these I like to add some whimsy to the place setting. This time it was with egg cups that I also made into my ” place cards.”

kitchen e table 9

I found these egg cups this year at my local Kroger grocery store. One BIG problem though. They only had three!!!

kitchen e table 8

So I bought these plain white ones and added green polka dots. I used chalk paint that I already had. I chose chalk paint because I knew that chalk paint  adheres to just about everything. PLUS – my placemats, chargers and china hutch are all the same duck egg blue color. Perfect!

kitchen e table 4

To make the egg cups into my place setting cards I simply chose a ribbon and slapped an initial of the special person who will be sitting here on the ribbon. A little grass and an egg finish this place setting.  Really simple and easy!

kitchen e table 3

My napkins were placed into the stemware and hold a surprise – a tiny egg. I may replace these eggs with a chocolate egg on Easter morning. Since the boys have grown up, I have to add chocolate wherever I can!! No Reeces peanut butter eggs or chocolate bunnies to mooch from them. Parent of the year, I know…

kitchen e table 2

Of course, y’all know that I am gonna have my chalkboard art.

kitchen e table 1

My kitchen easter table is set and ready for Easter morning honey bunnies. I can’t wait!

I think that it is fun and practical at the same time. I love that. Now that my table is ready, I can focus on other life shattering problems. Like what kind of pendants I want to hang over my island!

Until next time….


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I’m Busy Y’all!


I’m busy y’all! I have been running around doing so many projects I can’t keep them all straight some days. I’m so busy that I don’t have ONE finished project to share with you. Since I love you, I’ll  give you a little sneak peek of things to come!


I’ve been painting shutters… and letters for the wall…

egg cup

I’ve been getting my Easter out and setting my easter tables.


I have spring fever so bad, I’ve working in the yard….

pig painting

I’ve also been doing a little artwork too! Isn’t he sweet? Don’t tell anyone, but he may be my favorite project!

Now, I’ve got to go and finish at least a few of these projects! Like I said… I’m busy y’all!

Until next time….


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My Easter Table

Easter table 2.7

I finally did it! I figured out how to decorate my Easter table using blue tones. I’ve tried and tried to get it to work, but it just wouldn’t come together like I envisioned. Until this year.

easter table 2.2

What made this year so different? My killer awesome, blue and white bunny plates! Thank you Home Goods! At $2.99 each, these plates were a steal!

easter table 2.9

I also found these white placemats at Home Goods ( no, sadly they do not pay me to say how awesome they are, I just love them!)  Only problem? They just didn’t show up. No pop.

easter table 2.10

I had these green ones from last year and loved them. So it occurred to me that I could just spray paint the white ones blue.

easter table 2.6

This is how they turned out. I LOVE them! I used the square polk -a-dot placemats and napkins from last year. White dinner plates, blue glasses and silverware finish off this place setting. I could not be happier!!

easter table 2.4

I recently bought a large wooden dough bowl and I couldn’t resist using it as a centerpiece.

easter table 2.5

Complete with bunny, hydrangeas and ribbon. I did use a little color!

easter table 2.1

I did purchase two other super cute items – these tiny jar lanterns.  A little bit of rustic glamour! These were $2.99 – less 40% off at Michaels.

easter table 2.3

I use these sweet little salt and pepper shakers every year. They are so tiny – they are perfect for my easter table.

easter table 2.6

My easter table is a little more simple this year, I ‘m kinda of lovin’ that. I am really excited that for the most part my easter table is all of the blue and white tones that I use in my dining room. Finally!

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